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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Vendettana, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. So, I'm heading towards 80 days of no PMO. I'm really happy with my progress.
    However, I have the impression that my brain kind of decided to focus on a different addiction.
    I always have been watching many youtube videos. But now, as porn sites are no option any more, it got worse. I spend (loose) too much time on youtube, watching the same videos over and over again. It's mostly scenes from movies that I like, some podcasts and music.

    I would like to get rid of that, it costs too much time. The problem is that I also need youtube for educational purposes because I am learning python and coding.
    So I often connect to my youtube account with the goal of watching a coding video, but I get stuck at the "recommended" section (I hate it).
    Or I turn youtube on while I take breakfast or dinner. Then get stuck and watch for hours.

    Did you experience that? Any hints on how to take control?
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  2. I do. I'm a YouTube addict, watch all kinds of stuff from the paranormal to sports replays. I'm not really in a position to give you any advice on quitting YT, however I wish you the best.
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    Addiction is in our genetics, you aren't watching porn, so just be proud you've accomplished something. Loneliness will always bring us back to our addictions. Watching youtube, as long as it's not a porn sub, just isn't something I'd worry about.
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    I recommend setting a screen time limit on your phone (i know iphone has it, idk about android). Also, create an account that is primarily for python and coding. Only subscribe to the channels that you rely on for those topics. It will keep you in the coding loop, and eventually your time limit will go off and then you're done for the day.

    Treat is as another addiction. Your brain will always make excuses for more time, and its up to you to resist. I definitely struggle with this too, so let me know if you find anything that helps!
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    On your laptop, you can use uBlock Origin addon on your web browser to block parts of Youtube, like the recommended videos or the homepage. It works well because you can still use the website to see video if someone shares you a link or if you search for something specific. So not trying to completely block the website, just the parts that are making it easy to stay longer on it.
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  6. As matter of fact, I have found something nice after posting that thread. It's a firefox extensions (there is one for chrome) called "DF Youtube" (DF for distruction free).
    You can use youtube but it removes the "recommended section", you can remove the right side bar with other "suggestions", you can even remove the comments section so you don't get torn into discussing with people you don't know just because they say something you disagree with.
    Have it installed since yesterday, I will see if this makes it better .
    Limiting screen time seems a good thing to me. I'll try that, but it would mean that I have to reschedule my whole day and be way more disciplined .
  7. Looks like I have found an extension that does just the same: DF Youtube
    I have installed it and I will see how this helps. Thanks a lot.
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    Well addiction is not normal having the power to say is common. Ideal situation you will be addiction less. Well YouTube thing is an addiction for me too but I think first I will win in nofap after 2-3 months I will focus on getting rid of YouTube. I will say watch TV it's a lot better than YouTube. After yrs of YouTube I noticed that I skip content so much. YouTube is full of novelty better avoid it and watch movies/web series or TV. I think YouTube addiction is worse than social media addiction as novelty here is much more.
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    Try YouTube UnHooked.
    Other helpful extensions are LeechBlock or StayFocusd. Those are for regular web browsing, though.

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