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    This in my opinion is how you determine an alpha male based in symptoms or characteristics.

    Are you confident?

    Do you not care what others think?

    Are you generally satisfied with life and do you thrive to change it if you aren’t?

    Do you not worry about women as much? (This means not thinking about sex constantly. Not Trying to impress women. Not getting depressed about women. Not falling in love with every girl you meet and wanting something with them for mainly sex)

    Do you not take shit for anyone? (If someone for example gives you a hard time Do you stand up for yourself and confront them or give it right back and make it know your no one to fuck with?)

    These are characteristics that I’ve personally had before pmo addiction and that I’ve gained back again from nofap and stopping pmo addiction.

    Pmo makes you weak minded. Depressed. It distorts your image of yourself. You start to self pity. You start to care about girls way to much (because your needy sexually and horny atleast in my experience) fact is... IVE BEEN through this stuff. It was shitty. Nobody respects you. Nobody gives a fuck about what you have to say when you pmo constantly. These are examples of a beta male. Before pmo addiction I’ve always been a great funny guy. I lost it all. Fapping in my room wondering what’s wrong with me everyday not being able to do a thing paranoid. Not growing facial hair. Losing bits of the corners of my hairline. Not being able to even look people in the eye without my eyes dancing while I think about 100,000 different conversation scenarios in my head overthinking social situations like I’m dr. Strange. It was horrible. That is not what being human means. I quit pmo and now I GOT EVERYTHING back. EVERYTHING. I feel like a badass no matter what I do. I am fulfilled in whatever I do. (Even sitting on the couch watching Netflix on a snow day) YOU CANT LOSE on nofap. You get yourself back with an alpha boost! My sense of humour. Social skills. Strong hair. Energy. Emotional depth. Mental/emotional stability and literally probably 100+ other things that I am greatful to be alive for. Pride. Success. Happiness. Humanity. Every man is different, of course. You’ll have different alpha characteristics. But every man has an alpha in him when stopping pmo FOR GOOD. you’ll find it and you’ll never want to lose it again.
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    I'll tell them as soon as I see them.

    Being serious, I have seen how in the first world men are treated like trash, and I understand the original purpose of the MGTOW group, but now it has become the male version of third-wave feminism. People call it "Men Groping Their Own Weiners" for a reason.
  3. The whole concept of "alpha/beta" is a silly one to me and if I were to meet anyone that percieved people like that, I'd go the other way. It's not worth getting to know a fool.
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    2 male friends of mine have experienced what feminism has done to the legal system. It's not fair to criticize MGTOW just because there are some men who advocate misogyny.
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    If you classify people into 'alpha' or 'beta' categories there are bigger problems than whether you are an alpha or beta
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    It's not some men, it is a lot of people. There is a reason why people think MGTOW is associated with Red-Pillers and Red-Pillers are associated with inceldom. It is a shame whatever happend to your friends, but you cannot deny MGTOW can be almost as whiny and annoying as feminists.
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    There are such a thing as bad women. I can't go into much detail but one friend was locked in a cell for 4 nights and fined for just shouting at his partner. And it wasn't anything threatening either, just an argument.
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    Gay man can be more alpha than some of straight dudes. It's in my opinion about being a leader of the pack. Not the dude who laughs at you in front of everyone but is leading the pack to the victory, helping people, being not a boss but the one who leads. Being alpha is not judging gay or not, lesbian or not. Being alpha is being intelligent, smart and full of experience so you can control situations, so you don't feel stupid in awkward situations but make everything happen smoothly and nice.
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    I am not denying the fact there are bad women. I'm just saying there are better ways to deal with them than becoming a whiny man-child.
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    Ha yes that's true.
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    In the redpill community alpha and beta are placeholder terms. They describe behaviors, somebody can express alpha and beta traits at different times. Nobody is categorically alpha or beta but rather specific actions are. Expressing traits that are arousing to women are considered alpha whereas expressing traits that comfort women is beta. The guy that is dominant and is considered hot by a woman who she will have a one night stand with but won’t take home to her parents is considered to be expressing alpha traits. The guy who wants long term commitment and thinks choreplay or going on 3-4 dates before sex is the way to go is expressing beta traits. Neither is inherently good or bad and guys will be encouraged to employ different behaviors depending on what they want out of the relationship and what the situation calls for.
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    An Alpha is usually up at the crack of dawn. He is a man who is trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena. He then has the privilege of pointing to any woman he wants after his victory, in said arena, and says, “I want to breed with that one.” He is said to be tall, handsome in the face and extremely well-endowed.

    Betas are the ones who complain about his way of life, and how unfair it all is, on internet message boards.
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    Nothing called "alpha" or "beta" male. There's only man with healthy, natural masculine traits and testosterone levels whom he should embrace and be proud of, not consider them "toxic".
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    You answered your question by asking it man
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  15. God is the alpha male. We are all beta.
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    The only time I heard of alpha/beta was on 4chan. Don’t take that seriously. Humans are much more complex than 1 or 0.

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