Any idea on how to have "non-ejaculatory orgasms?"

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  1. So, do you think our shitty feelings is due to weakened dopamine receptors? How do we sensitize it quicker? is abstaining from PMO (whatever our problem is) enough or do we quit all things like internet and tv shows etc. or do we stop what hijacked our reward circuits in the first place? any knowledge about rebooting will be helpful sir IGY!!

    PS: the owl has much knowledge :)
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    Can you still do the kegels and reverse kegels exercise while rebooting??
  3. Yeah you can, but if you can resist the urges that may come, then yeah do it, I don't see what's wrong with that.
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  4. So, when someone does a non-ejaculatory orgasm, isn't that like edging? which sends the semen back into the bladder etc? Edging is bad because of what it does, but isn't a non-ejaculatory orgasm like edging but orgasming but not ejaculating?
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    Alright thanks.
  6. Also, do not enjoy flexing your erections or whatever gets you going during your kegel exercising. It's problematic, just like how fantasizing is bad for reboot. There's nothing different between fantasizing and you enjoying your erection, because they are both fantasizing.
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    I think it would be better to avoid all of that then till after the complete reboot.
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  8. Yeah, if you think that’s best for yourself, which is probably true, you should wait, but I like to believe that we can tame the urges if we focus but it’s tricky during reboot :/ up to you brother!
  9. The only time I was able to do that was when I exhausted my supply of semen and then had another orgasm after that.
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    I find this discussion interesting. I read several of Mantak Chias books and have a slightly different experience with this that I've posted elsewhere. I experience non ejaculatory full body orgasms that occur after awakening in the middle of the night. They started happening 3 weeks into noFap. It happened spontaneously. I was curious about these intense feelings and decided to educate myself on this. Most of the discussion above is about intentional efforts towards these non ejaculatory, non retrograde full body orgasms. I agree that strategy is problematic. These non ejaculatory orgasms, for those who haven't experienced them function on an energy level and aren't sexual specifically. I believe mine started happening as my bodies strategy to express the pent up energy. Yes, I'm sure dopamine is involved but I don't feel exhausted afterwards, just recharged. Dopamine isn't a bad thing, intentionally jacking it up is. I think we need to step back and look at what our goal is in this process. Are we trying to suffer, punish ourselves for transgression, or bring greater joy into our lives. I am coming to believe these ancient practices are designed to help us connect more deeply sexually with another individual, or to a deeper part of ourselves for those who aren't in a sexual relationship. While we are recovering from our compulsive behaviors it can be difficult to discern what is safe and ok.

    Early on, in doing these eastern practices I slipped into using these with edging to intensify the feelings even more. After several failed attempts to control this process I am now learning to be more passive and experience this energy when it comes as an alternative way for myself to experience my sexual energy transmuted into joyful body energy. In the Taoist tradition we are converting our sexual energy (jing) into physical energy (chi) with the ultimate goal of converting that into spiritual energy (shen).
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    Don't edge!
    I've read about tantric and dr mantak chia and have tried edging along with the sharpening the knife technique but I got to tell you, you'll feel good the first time you do it because you'll feel so much in control but you will want to unload and will end up unloading.
    I think the best way would be contracting the PC muscles and quite frankly I don't think you need to do much because I believe the body knows better when to use the semen and for what purpose.
    Fight the urge and just get on with your goal whatever it is...
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    I'm really boutht in SR, I believe it may be superior to NoFap. There's a semenretention subreddit on Reddit, and it has an FAQ section which explains how to have NEO (non-ejaculatory orgasms). I will learn this too.
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    It's not just about the PC muscle. Mindfulness through the breath is also fundamental as well as slowing down considerably and holding the shaft closer to the base where it is less sensitive.
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    So what are the opinions regarding the above? Any truth to this??
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    Hi, I'm able to do this. It's all about focusing your energy. Your energy goes where your thoughts go. an orgasm is basically an explosion of that energy inside yourself. When you ejactulate your energy is propelled outwards. Thats why you feel weak and defeated after.

    I recommend first trying to get a good feel of your energy inside your body. Feel it moving around as you focus on your body parts; toes, feet, hands. This works better with good breathing. Breathing and relaxation is definitely key in this. Just imagine the energy coming together in your lower stomach and make it 'explode' . You'll feel a surge of energy throughout your body. To make it feel like a sexual organ orgasm apply light masturbation. just light touching at the base of the penis. A bit imagination is in my opnion allowed. You will normally see it will go to real sexual thoughts ( an ex, a teacher from five years ago,...) and not to any of that porn crap.

    Thats also a key. You will be tempted to use porn. Porn destroys the whole concept. your erection will go away fast. a lot of precum will be present. the feeling and satisfaction is much less. ANd you will become obsessed to go further and further and it basically becomes edging and you cant stop untill ejaculation.

    But with eyes closed. I am able to get as much satisfying orgasms as I want but I stop after a few because I'm relaxed, satisfied and just dont need any more. Am ready to do something else now. ALso works for sex.

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