Any successful rebooters with long flatlines ?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Red Moon, May 3, 2021.

  1. Red Moon

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    After a full reboot, what are your observations about the flatline ? Specially long flatlines. Please do share your experience. You will help others in this journey.
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  2. AspiringHuman

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    After 3 90+ day reboots I think flatlines are actually the return of normal sexual level (at least at my age- I post in the 40+ forum).
    They are nothing to be worried about in that age group. I honestly cannot say what it should feel like for someone younger.

    But the following observations should hold regardless of age.
    The PM habit confuses the mind into thinking that our sex drive is very high, but in fact it is not. This makes sense when we also see that PM leads to ED, PIED, PE etc. In other words, PM actually has nothing to do with healthy sexuality, but it is a super-stimulating biochemically-addictive coping mechanism for some unresolved mental health issues, usually/often stemming from some dysfunctionality in childhood through interactions with one's family of origin. Once lifestyle changes and those mental health issues are sorted out, healthy sexuality will return.
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  3. Rexbrent

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    i am on 400 days already and still flatlining . my libido came back but it was very high tht i got instant boners from any sexual thought or slight view of women. high libido made me engage in frequent sexual thoughts and libido gone after two days . now i hav no libido
  4. That's how the reboot goes..... It's a non linear process.
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