are we genetically more vulnerable

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by egeninki, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. egeninki

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    hello guys.

    maybe there is an answer to this but i couldnt find.
    i had addiction to pmo and ed issues and it was really really hard to overcome.
    my question is;
    do we have more tendency to this addiction compared to other men?
    are there people who pmo and dont have any issues?

    for example for alcohol or weed, i know that after using, some people are hooked with ease.but others dont.
    for me fast food, drinks and weed doesnt create any serious problem, but porn is a monster.

    can we say that abour porn too?
  2. tIoD

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    All individuals reward system are the same. PMO addict or ex-PMOer is not more or less prone to other addictions, it's about personality. Btw, if you could beat porn addiction, that means you have tendency to overcome addictions, which is cool.
    Yes, there are people who PMO and don't have issues, because they are very comfortable with what they do. I mean, they have like 4-5 friends, they have small social circle and they just feel good. It's very rare occasion but trust me, if they knew what is MORE, what's like to live without porn void, they would start to think about quitting PMO. But as I said, it's not a major problem for them, it's in their comfort zone.
  3. egeninki

    egeninki Fapstronaut

    thanks for reply my friend.your logic makes sense.
    i overcomed porn it but it was a hard journey. and you reached 159 days. wow good work man!
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  4. 4DCreator

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    Read the blue text under my comment. Yes, there are some people they have an addictive pattern in the brain.

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