Atheists, God and the afterlife.

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  1. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    The things I mentioned still have a correlation, even if somebody didn't like my fiancé for whatever the reason may be I'm not going to get angry at them. If they started bashing or insulting him then yes I would be mad, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and perspective.

    I honestly don't say I'm an Atheist much because it almost immediately turns to hate or disgust every time, and it's literally not because of me as a person but rather just from me being an Atheist.

    Like for me, I've seen and met a lot of controlling, verbally abusive and honestly scary religious people in my life, and I hate them. But what I don't hate are religious people themselves, just certain individuals that degraded or insulted me and that's the difference for me. There's obviously also a lot of Atheists out there like that as well, but for me it comes down to the person and not what they believe in.
  2. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Fapstronaut

    Don't you think all this apologetic stuff might be a bit... nineteenth century? I mean, this day and age looks to have moved on from reason...
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  3. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    These arguments won't go anywhere, they'll just lead some people to get upset. They won't benefit anyone and neither will anyone change their belief's.

    To everyone here, I wish for you to have a good day! regardless of your belief's :)
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  4. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Fapstronaut

    It's a crying shame really as it's the pleasure we take in the art of conversation that by and large distracts ourselves from the coarser elements in life, and introduces us into the larger life of the mind and a possible freedom to be found there-in. If I were of a more conspiratorial bent, I'd say the powers that be are in all favor of the current trend toward a future, where it would be the height of bad taste to indulge in discussions futile arguments on the meaning or meaninglessness of life. No, they'd prefer a lobotomized population, with all appetite and desire directed, both base and high, to the pressing mundane matters at hand, and then, should any excess energies remain, have these siphoned off in mindless entertainments and diversions.
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  5. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    I agree about pointless arguing, but hopefully my stuff didn't come off as an argument, as It was more me just trying to explain how I personally feel as an Atheist.

    Either way, you have a good day as well!
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Can we please have just one religious/atheist thread where an actual discussion occurs rather than with aggression or one side trying to push their agenda on the other?

    That'd be great.
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  7. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    That be really nice, but honestly I don't see it happening any time soon. Whenever there is a discussion regarding someone's belief's it always gets personal. It's just human nature I guess.
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  8. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    I've just been posting in the Atheist question forums and stuff and answering with what I think since they ask, but I'm just going to stop now. Every time it always gets personal or in my face, plus it gets old explaining this or that just to have it come back to the same stupid argument.
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  9. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    Yeah, I don't know why you waste your energy. I usually don't like commenting on my personal belief's unless someone is genuinely interested. But if I sense they just want to argue to the sake of argument or to ridicule, than I don't bother wasting my time.

    I honestly think it's more important to be respectful than to be right. whether someone is right or wrong, that's up to their own personal experience to discover. No one has any right to impose on someone else of what they believe is right.

    I think we lack understanding of the other side. Religious people don't really put their shoes into the lives of atheist's and vise versa. We don't stop to think that the other person is a human being just like I am. His experiences are his own, and if I were in his shoes I'd probably behave in the same manner.

    I believe everyone has the free will to chose what they want to believe, and that alone should be respected.
  10. Ready to be healthy

    Ready to be healthy Moderator Assistant Staff Member Moderator Assistant

    I am spiritual and believe that we each have a spirit that continues and I think I'm also convinced by reincarnation.

    I don't believe in organised religions however or any of there habits in regards to indoctrinating and controlling through fear etc

    STAR DUST Fapstronaut

  12. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Just to be fair and clear, I've read this whole thread and if I counted correctly, I only see ONE person here who was being rude toward atheism and atheists. Everyone else, especially the OP, has been respectful and interested in genuine conversation, to learn about each other's perspectives. So I think it's a bit silly to act like this thread has been some total atheist-hating shit show or something.
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  13. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    And also to be fair, the question the OP posed was very specific and it hasn't been answered by many. Most of this conversation has been completely off topic of what the OP actually asked, especially when he specifically asked for this to NOT turn into people arguing about whether or not God is real or who is right or wrong, etc.
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  14. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Honestly, I'm not going to lie here, the way you're talking as if you're 100% respectful and mindful of others beliefs and they're always disrespectful to you is not at all what I've seen in this thread. You've made several comments here that, as a Christian myself, were disrespectful and unnecessary. I don't get my panties in a bunch about that stuff, generally, if it's mild, but its a bit irksome to see you talking as if you're a victim in this thread when most people have been respectful toward you, and you haven't always been in return.
  15. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    This was a FASCINATING read, @Buzz Lightyear. You struck that lightning of old once again. I don't think debate is the way of the future; rather, persuasion, gentleness, kindness unfeigned :)
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  16. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    Okay, well you have your views and I have mine. I thought people were being disrespectful to me, so if I seemed disrespectful to anybody religious I apologise for whatever the reason.
  17. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    I mean, making a mockery of Satan and hell, as if hell is some fun party and Satan is an awesome DJ isn't exactly what I would call respectful of Christians beliefs. I don't think you deserve to be disrespected either, nobody does, but when that's the first thing you decide to say in this thread, I don't think you can really blame someone for having a bad taste in their mouth after that.
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  18. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    I guess I didn't think of it that way, to me religion isn't a joke I just thought that would be funny in a way, again sorry.
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  19. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    No worries, I appreciate the recognition. And I'm sorry on behalf of any Christians who are assholes to you, or anyone else, because of your beliefs. Hating anyone, for any reason, is certainly not something Jesus would condone. He sat in the face of the highest levels of mockery and turned the other cheek. Unfortunately, we fallible humans have too much pride for that sometimes.

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