Avicii Died Today

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by MasterGamer, Apr 21, 2018.

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    Rip Avicii, he died today at the age of 28.
    I came here espicially because there is something really intersting to know about him. He had an adduction ! There is just a few people that know about it and i am really sorry to talk about this during this sad moment.

    Avicii had a porn adduction !!! You can search about it in the internet to be sure that i am not lying but yeah he had an adduction to pmo. I just hope that this adduction wasn't the cause of his death. Actually we don't know much about his death but i supposed that maybe it was because of pmo. I mean like pmo had cause him health problems. I would be honest, i never had been a big fan of him and the best song that i know of him is " enough is enough", but even if i am not a fan , i have to admit that he look like a nice friendly guy.

  2. How do you know this? If you search the internet, you'll actually find that he had a drug and alcohol addiction not a PMO addiction.
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  3. bravastan

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    Far fetched if you're asking me.
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  4. AllNamesUsed

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    You think he masturbated himself to death? lel
  5. i thought it was a fake news that he died. but he really died yesterday in Oman. at 28. I am 26. unbelievable, he was young

    in this article it said he had several health problems. i am not a doctor but he underwent several surgeries that i think were pretty serious

    i don't believe that pmo causes health problems. it gives you huge depression, doesn't allow you to bond with people and doesn't allow you to function properly in society. pmo addiction is a plague, unfortunately nowadays is afflicted by it. what you can control is yourself and decide you had it enough and you need to remove p from your life for good in order to be happy and enjoy your life as best as you can
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  6. Lord of the Ocean

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    Brother some of us incorporate deadly substances into our addiction so it is possible for drug using porn users with a serious problem.

    Also David Carradine.
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  7. Lord of the Ocean

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    PMO causes huge health problems. The science of NoFap is all over YouTube.
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  8. MasterGamer

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    Just write : Avicii and Porn

    I found like 3-4 websites that talk about this. Maybe Maybe it is fake news, i don't know. Yesterday i was really tired when i wrote this so i hope that someone else will do more research about this and tell us the truth about it.
  9. MasterGamer

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    I never said that hahaha , i think that i wasn't really clear in my post.

    What i mean is that Excessive PMO caused him health problems that caused his death. Don't forget that each time you pmo you lose important nutriments and you lose testosterone( yeah, when you pmo you have less testosterone) . So this what i meant by saying cause his death.

    And guys don't take my post like a troll, i am here to talk and share with you infromations. I am not here just to lose time.
  10. It is fake news.
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  11. MLMVSS

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    The cultic side of Nofap strikes again. If PMO caused death, I’d be dead by now, so would the entire porn industry’s actors.
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  12. MasterGamer

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    Haha i never said PMO kill directly, i said that pmo cause health problems.
  13. I don't think people who are addicted to PMO are the same as the people who are working in the industry (unless they're addicts themselves). And in fact, a high number of porn actors die young. I think it's true a PMO addiction can lead to someone to do something that could lead to an early death.
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  14. Porn addiction in no way kills anybody. The only way would be if he killed himself over his addiction. But he couldn't have just died bc of porn addiction
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  15. Toomuchh

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  16. It's been determined now that he died of suicide... Boy is that sad... I just wish there was someone he could have talked to or some way it could have been prevented.
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  17. yes very sad, i thought at first he had a bad disease or surgery that went wrong. even when i heard Chester Bennington, the singer of the Linkin Park, killed himself that got me sad. we have always to think that suicide is not a solution that everything can be fixed, that there is hope things can and will get better
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  18. I would also like to think so.
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  19. that is the truth. are you going through a rough patch? if you want you can send me a private message and i can help you
  20. It's ok... I'm fine, thanks.

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