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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Andrewshealthyself, May 18, 2018.

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    Hey everyone,

    This is my second time back here after signing up last September...not much has changed. I went a good week with great motivation and it just fell away. I can’t seem to ditch the porn habit.

    Porn has effected me Over the many years I have been watching it since age 12. I have only started noticing it in my recent years ( age 28-30 )

    I am a very lucky human being. I have a beautiful fiancé and we have a great chemistry, better than any other relationship in the past. We have known eachother for nearly 15 years. The only thing that seems to be off kilter is our sex life. It has been getting better, but I can’t orgasm with all. Even if I do it myself...but if I go to the bathroom and whip up some porn on my phone...I’m done in like 2 minutes. Every relationship has been like this for me. It’s really starting to drive me mad.

    I’m not sure if it’s an uncontrollable sex drive that’s leading me to porn, or if it is the chemical dump that follows an orgasm. Like a drug addiction it calls to me, if I am feeling stressed, bored, sexually pent up..etc.... I want to be able to share the power and energy of an orgasm with the person I love, not treat it as if it was a drug.

    I have been here a few times to try and seek some sort of refuge and help from this ridiculous part of of my life. All my life I have been told that masturbation is normal, healthy infact. Well...not for me. Not right now anyway. I need to be free of this. I feel like I’m chained to it. It follows me wherever I go. It’s so easy to just pull it up on my phone wherever I am. I find that I have very little control.

    I have a few questions for some of you folks who have succeeded in his quest of ridding yourself of PMO

    1. How has using this site helped you? What benefits have you found. Maybe I’m not using this site correctly...maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong point of view

    2. Aside from ditching the smart phone...which I might end up doing...are there any good ways to block porn? I tried using the internal adult controls on my iPhone....but I find that it blocks non porn sites also, which is annoying. I don’t really use a computer...when I did I used the K9 blocker which seemed to work pretty well. Have any of you found any good tools to use regarding this?

    3. How do you hold yourself accountable to this site? My goal is to come to this site whenever I feel the urge to watch porn. Read some of your posts and regain motivation...I have tried this in the past but failed.

    Thanks for hearing me out. Thanks for welcoming me to this community.
  2. Hi. Welcome back.

    1. Yes, site helped me at beginning. Try being an active poster and interact with people on forums, that helps. Also crating a thread for in reboot logs section and posting constant updates also helps.

    3. Blog daily in your reboot log. Post threads when you need help or advice. Get accountability partner maybe. But generally I would say you need to keep yourself accountable to yourself first. Get clear on your goals and your "whys". And keep that as a daily reminder to yourself.

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