Beware: Sexual Extorsion from Hackers

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ZenAF, Nov 16, 2019.

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    Hi all

    Just in case you needed another motivation to quit porn: It seems like the Black Mirror episode shut up and dance has finally given the "mainstream" hackers some ideas. They've started to send emails to people blackmailing them to give them money or else they will release footage of you and the porn you watch on all social media platforms.

    I've received such an email myself a week ago. Now I knew the guy was bluffing because first of all he wasn't specific in the content I watch and also he wrote he has footage of me "pleasuring myself while watching porn" which I don't do anymore since last January and there's no reason why he should wait that long to blackmail me.

    However not all of them are bluffing, there are lots of new strains of trojan horses circling the web and they do have the ability to hack your cam (without the light going on) and record your screen.

    Regardless, if you get a threat like that, legitimate or not, do not respond! And most important of all do not give them any money! You have zero guarantees that they will not release the footage anyway even after you paid them and they can keep draining you as long as you fall for it.

    If you have a solid reason to believe that this person actually has footage of you, go to the police immediately. You're being blackmailed and are in the full right, no matter how embarrassing it is. As long as you stayed clear off child pornography (which is what the Black Mirror episode is about btw) you didn't do any legal wrong.

    Anyway, I only see this becoming worse to be honest, so I think it's another great motivator to quit this electronic crack.
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    The only people that would fall for such scams would be of people of lower IQ or non tech savvy people.. I am sure that people here wouldnt fall for this to be honest. I believe we have quite a smart bunch.
  3. There are all level of IQ and tech savvy people that are on this forum AND that get taken by these types of scams. Some are low budget and fairly easy to spot and there are some of them that are very well constructed and very convincing.
    Those who are in the throes of addiction, be it sexual or not, are very susceptible to thinking errors. It has nothing to do with IQ or how smart someone is, addiction can short circuit all of that and cause us to do really immature and stupid, dangerous things.
    Spot on Zen! The tech behind this stuff will only get more sophisticated. This is a good warning and thank you for bringing it to light.
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    Haha, yeah, good one... xD People here believe that women will pretty much literally get magically attracted to you once you stop jerking off.. Some believe you have to start living like an Amish person because they started categorizing any and all eroticism in their life as evil... Others are on a crusade against porn, wanting to prohibit it for everybody just because they can't handle it in their lives..

    So yes, we have a smart bunch. We also have a dumb bunch. And a whole lot of people in the middle. I think NoFap has a pretty broad representation of the general population. And dangers are worth pointing out.
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    Regardless of one's intelligence, these scams prey upon the guilt of watching porn and the desire to hide it from
    our wives, gf's, family etc. All rational thinking goes out the window and some people will try to pay to have it go away.
    As a tangential example, there is a telephone scam, where someone receives a call, supposedly from the IRS.
    The message says "you are in arrears and if you don't pay $5000 immediately, an IRS agent will come to your house and arrest you." I always laughed at these scammers and told them to shove it up their arse.
    Upon discussing this scam with my friends, we had all received similar calls. However, one fellow said he almost
    paid the extortion money. It seems he had not paid his taxes in years. So he was already feeling guilty and paranoid. His mind was susceptible to the scammers demands. That is the reason these scams work. They
    use your mind to do the work for them.
    No porn, no problems.
  6. Master Chips

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    I recieved that email once, at the end I have to send them bitcoin stuff. Actually they have nothing against you, I googled that kind of blackmail. It turns that the email targtted is one of the leaked emails at some year. In which when somene enters porn site, he receives a blackmail message on that leaked email. It is harmless, but I recommend you to remove that email and make a new one. Also put a tape on your camera.

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