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  1. Papsy

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    I have made it to 30 days without PMO and so far this is a big achievement.

    However, within these 30 days, I did engage in sexual thoughts/fantasies. I did read erotic stories online and got aroused by them. Also, I had conversations with women which were of a very sexual nature for kicks. I was reading a book on ejaculation mastery which made me crave for sex. When I'm in bed I imagine a woman next to me and indulge in the thought that I'm making love to her.

    Overall during these 30 days, I have felt the energy within me rise. I feel more active and energetic. I feel like I don't need that much sleep. I also hope to get in touch with a practice which would help me transmute this excess energy to higher parts of my body.

    This means that even though I did abstain from PMO at the level of the body, I did not abstain from it at the level of speech and mind.

    Given that I have not actually PMO'd I wish to not reset the counter. But the rest of the 90 days I am determined to avoid PMO not only at the level of the body but also at the level of speech and mind as well. So in total, it will be 120 days without PMO where the last 90 day hopefully will be no PMO at the three levels of body, speech as well as the mind, for the mind is the source of all bodily actions and words.

    So this is what I am determined to avoid in the next 90 days in addition to avoiding PMO -

    1. Avoid reading any type of literature which is erotic.
    2. Avoid watching documentaries or educational videos on sex.
    3. Avoid reading about ejaculation control or sexual continence.
    4. Avoid talking about sex on social media with women.
    5. Avoid indulging in thoughts on sexual fantasies and try to be mindful in the present moment.
    6. And anything else which would bring me closer to consider PMO.

    Perhaps after my 90 days from now, I might consider going back into some of these - like ejaculation mastery and sex education video which I consider important. It's just that I want a full complete reboot with minimal probability of relapse.

    What are everybody's opinions on this?
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  2. Papsy

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    Anybody is welcome to give their opinion if they wish
  3. IGY

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    1. Erotic stories = porn
    2. Sex ed videos = p/sub
    3. Sex ed literature = p/sub
    4. Sexting = porn
    5. Sexual fantasies = internal porn
    6. Random triggers = p/sub

    The reason for these answers is that porn is defined as: books, magazines, and films that are designed to cause sexual excitement by showing naked people or referring to sexual acts. However, a p/sub is something that is not intended to cause sexual excitement, but does so anyway. According to your list, the split between the two is 50/50.

    Just because something is a porn sub does not mean it is less potent than something that is, by definition, porn. :confused: Sexual fetishes illustrate this quite well. For example, you may have a fetish for women with a bald vulva. To watch an information video or read articles about how to remove natural genital hair may cause arousal and you may masturbate while doing so. Yet, you could watch any number of porn scenes e.g. featuring women with natural body hair that you might find turn you off. So, in this example, the p/sub is more affecting than the porn. :oops: So much depends in our narrow take on what is sexy.
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  4. Papsy

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    Okay thanks for clearing that up. It is helpful. So my personal challenge is 120 days - to have no PMO in body, speech or mind.
  5. More Jing

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    Hello Papsy . See you want to shift your extra energy ,,,,can I suggest you google testicle breathing will give you some good ideas. Need to get that Jing sex energy moving into your body to regenerate yourself ,good luck my friend
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  6. Papsy

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    Thank you so much More Jing. I hope to learn Taosist techniques to learn to shift this energy. I was thinking of trying Qi Gong.

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