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    Hello everyone,
    I wanted to share my progress here with the friends on this remarkable journey.
    So first let's start with some background,
    I am a 33 years old married guy with a severe PIED. I was introduced to porn when I was just 13 years old. So, imagine 20 years of continuous porn eventually escalated my fetishes and desire to more extreme porn. I was basically watching porn everywhere. "I MEAN EVERYWHERE" at work, at home, while driving. Finally got to the point when i started feeling my DIC☆ less responsive and it started about 5 years ago. I was able to perform sexually but my erections were not consistent. I didn't care much and blamed on either alcohol or being tired or whatever excuse I could think of. Things went south and the problem got bigger and bigger. At the same time I married my gf but our sexual life was really in jeopardy. I was so afraid of failing in bed and started using ED drugs which kept me going for 2-3 years. But eventually i was getting less aroused even with ED drugs and finally got to the point where i could not get it up even with ED pills. But watching porn i'd have an erection like a 16 yrs old teenager. I was so desperate my married life was getting frustrated.
    Then, I checked it online to find some answers. And here we are.
    Started myself about 3 months ago but was not consistent. Failed few times and each time you fail, you get up and believe me your determination is stronger.
    GUYS let me tell you something. I am only on day 42nd now. My morning erections are back. And feeling more energetic. After 30 days we tried again and boom i was rock hard right away. I was in tears literally. I came to share my progress only for this particular reason in last 12 days I had sex 15 times without and pills or anything. And imagine going for it the second round?. It was only in my dreams. I don't know how my body started to respond so quickly but here i am. I know i've not even started yet, this is an uphill battle but i am optimistic. The reward for first 30 days is so incredible that i can give away anything for this.
    Guys be positive even if you are in relationship. You don't need to go for hard mode either. Just give urself sometime and trust me this thing really works. Imagine if a guy with 20yrs of porn history and 5 yrs of severe PIED can get things turned over, you can do a lot better than me.
    Sorry for my english as this is not my first language. Best of luck everyone and stay strong..
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    Great! So happy to read this post, it's really encouraging. Soft mode didn't work for me, so I had to go hard mode, perhaps it all depends on the person. Thanks for sharing.

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    I guess it depend on person to person. But bottomline is a day with PMO is a day step forward. Its a sweet poison of pixels we are all trapped in. Body will bounce back to its natural stimulation.
    Another thing I learnt it. Stress or anxiety of performance adds more fuel to the fire. Whenever you engage in sexual activity with your partner. Don't think of having intercourse. Focus on foreplay only and giving her the pleasure.

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