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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by mattl182001, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. delhiboy

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    Just like men, women stare at men too and i find it normal as long as i find control on myself.
    Control for me is like checking out a beautiful lady but then if opportunity comes when she try to date me or take interest in me I'll not be fooled by her beauty. I'll just say no.
    As long as this is the case you are good to go.
    Beauty is not everything, character, attitude, patience, morals, ethics are all more important.
    If someone looks at a beautiful lady and falls in love immediately or keep staring at her or just do anything to date her (only based on looks), then i would say its something wrong and introspection is needed.
    Appreciate the beauty and just move on, don't get stuck.
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  2. Infrasapiens

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    I am going to quote Jaden Smith in After Earth:
    "I like it but I think it's something bad"

    If you like what you are looking then you shouldn't be looking at it, that is what I do.
  3. BravelyKegger

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    I feel no guilt checking girls out, natural healthy men do it so i do it to, i view it as a sign of progress, as someone into sissy porn and bombarded daily with gay hypno and bbcs, getting hard when i see girls in public is amazing for me.
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  4. mattl182001

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    Thanks for tips. I’m married and want to avoid all that. Feel guilty for checking out other women because it leads to lust.
  5. Pity

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    I couldnt face the fact of being gay when i was 13 although I also could not face the fact that i could not auto felatio and i could not deny the fact that i was obbsessed with find a male whom i could gratify myself with provided he lets me perform felatio on him. But i didnt want to watch him go down on me thats a girls hob and only a girl isba vision of splendor there.. and bi found me a gay and tracked him and came one day and began participating as i was aroused by this beyond measure in a fantasy of mind which is limitless. Im still not gay. are you? I was pretty worried. I could not deny or admit it or talk about it or reveal the truth ... but i dont mind admitting it. Its true. I dont attempt to explain or justify it or say it is right or wrong... sometimes i seek out and it seems to avoid me.. and sometimes i forget about but if one just showed up at my door and demanded such services i would be lying if i said i could hope to refuse this. but in compliance i would feel grateful. in fact this is more like a total fantasy.
    But uh... should i worry or are you crying out for help ever so softly?
    Because people do care. We know how difficult sone of these problems get.
  6. muted

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    I wonder if watching women made me feel bad lately. I know about paws, but as for the 386th day I should feel better than now, earlier I had more energy to live. I found myself looking more at female butts, legs, breasts... It worries me a bit. My libido has returned fully and I sometimes have the impression that when I like a woman, what I would like to do is to have sex with her. Personality is still important to me, but I feel it like the final stage and the main one was sex, not relationship. Earlier it was the other way round. But maybe it's just because of the big sexual drive.
  7. Tao Jones

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    Learn to bounce your eyes. You cannot always prevent the first look,but the second look is always a choice. Any artificial sexual stimulation is P. If you are getting an arousal response from the habit of looking at women at the gym, then this is P for you.

    You learned to look at women, and now you feel you cannot stop. This is a lie. You can form a new habit, if you want to.
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  8. muted

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    Ok. But looking at a woman is not artficial sexual stimuli. If it's sexual stimulation, it's not artificial. If I have a girl who I will have sex with and look at her body then it will not be porn. If I fantasized about these women - this is porn. I agree with this that I should end up with it, but I think it does not harm me as much as porn. I hope.
  9. Tao Jones

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    Sex, imo, is about far more than a physical connection. If it is reduced to that consistently, that is very damaging indeed. So, reducing a woman simply to her body parts in order for you to give yourself a little thrill is exactly what we do with P. It is all leading down the same road of objectification.

    Note that I am a disciple of Christ, so I am under strict orders to love everyone with the same care and concern that I show for myself. I understand that not everyone finds themselves to be under these same instructions.
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