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    I'm wondering how people feel about circumcision. Being american I was circumcised as a baby. About 2 years ago I started using a device called the TLC tugger. It has had good effects. I have about an extra 0.75" of skin it's enough so the the skin can glide a little when erect. Before that wasn't possible. I would like to develop enough skin to have overhang past the glands but that's a long was off.
    Does anyone else wish that they weren't circumcised? I'm wanting to know if my feelings about the topic are normal.
  2. Sometimes I wish I were not circumcised, but I think it is also a little more work to keep things clean there for uncircumcised guys. Also some women don't like it and so some guys have chosen to be circumcised as adults when they marry a woman with that preference. I would not want to have to deal with the pain of that as an adult.

    I think a lot of times we wonder what it would be like to be different than what we are, different hair color, eye color, body type, etc. But there are also guys in the world who wish they looked more like you. Can you imagine how much happier we would all be if we decided to enjoy the skin we're in, especially knowing we all look exactly, equally disgusting under our skins LOL!

    Peace to you.
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  3. Felipe.dasilva

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    I appreciate those words. There is something I want to explain I don't want to be anyone else. I just wish I had not been circumcised in the first place. If I ever have a son I won't have him circumcised. I feel like I'm supposed to be intact.
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    I'm circumcised and wouldn't have been if given a choice. I think it's pretty sick and disgusting that one of the first things that happens to you as a baby is some stranger comes and mutilates your reproductive organ. That has got to have some type of subconscious tramatic effect on us even if we don't actually remember it happening.
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  5. Felipe.dasilva

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    I agree just wanted to make sure other people felt the same way.
    I didn't even today know what it was until I was a adult. I only saw one uncut guy while growing up and I didn't pay any attention of course.
    I started researching it a few years ago. I would like the glands covered for sensitivity. That seems natural to me
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    I was not circumcised because my older brother had some minor complications with his circumcision, which required him to be brought back to the hospital. As far as I know, everything turned out fine, but I guess my parents just didn't want it to happen again.

    As an adult, I'm quite happy with the way I am. I guess I'm biased, but I tend to agree that cutting off part of your genitals seems unnecessary, though there may be medical reasons for doing so. My assumption is that I have more sensitivity than circumcised guys, which I like in general, though it may make it harder to last long during sex. I'm sure it also changes the mechanics of masturbation. I do make sure to really clean under the foreskin when I shower, but this is no big deal.

    However, I should mention that it was not such a great thing when I was a kid. Throughout childhood, my foreskin was basically stuck to my glans (head), which caused me to pee at an angle. It wasn't until I hit puberty that I learned that you're actually supposed to be able to pull it back. I remember a fair amount of pain as I gradually unstuck it, a little bit at a time. These are such distant memories! Now I'm curious if other uncircumcised guys went through a similar process.
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    I was circumcised as a baby and I would have not had it done if had a choice. I discovered foreskin restoration in high school and attempted to commit to manual methods for a while, but because of privacy issues i stopped. Now since I've recently ordered a DTR kit 2 years ago I've been on and off using it, but more recently trying to be consistent with using the device. I feel like circumcision is wrong and unnecessary and If I were to have kids i wouldn't have it done to them.
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  8. I agree, child circumcision is pretty sick and disgusting :( (unless it is required as an urgent medical procedure). :oops: I think infant circumcision is a horrible and brutal practice. You may well be right that it can be traumatic at a subconscious level.

    Fortunately, no one messed with my junk when I was a kid. o_O I would have regarded it as a huge betrayal on the part of my parents to sanction cosmetic surgery on my dick because I might get an infection later on! In point of fact, I have never had an infection inside my foreskin. In my opinion, it's aesthetically pleasing, too. When the foreskin peels back it looks much the same as an circumcised cock, but I like the 'reveal' of the foreskin-clad glans penis!
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  9. Normal and natural - exactly right Filipe! :) When a baby is born it is 'perfect'. It is both unnecessary and cruel to subject it to pain and an unnecessary surgical procedure on it's sex organ, no less! The glans penis is supposed to be covered. Also, remember that not only does this preserve the sensitivity of the dick head, but the foreskin itself is extremely sensitive. There are 20,000 nerve endings in the foreskin. It also contains the type of nerve cells found nowhere else on the penis, exquisite to the touch.
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  10. Felipe.dasilva

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    Thanks for that information IGY. I think it's strange for our culture to want to mess with what is natural
  11. I agree with much of what you guys have said here. When our son was born, one of our considerations was how he would feel when he got older if he looked different from other guys when most guys in the US are circumcised. We also understood that having a foreskin is associated with a bit higher rate of infection and some types of disease.

    I watched when the procedure was done. The baby was given a nipple with a mild pain killer to suck on and a ring-shaped device was placed around the foreskin to clamp it and separate it from the glans so they wouldn't accidentally cut the penis. Then the foreskin was trimmed around the outside of that little metal ring. My son didn't cry and didn't seem to be in any pain from it. There was not very much blood. So I don't think it is a particularly deeply traumatic thing, and certainly babies don't remember things that happen to them that young.

    So I'm just sharing that so you know the mindset of some parents who decide to do it, and what it's actually like for the infant.
  12. Felipe.dasilva

    Felipe.dasilva Fapstronaut

    I appreciate the information. I suppose social reasons should be considered. What I don't understand is why not just let the child decide when he is old enough?
    If it is desired would more people in Europe and Latin America chose to get circumcised later I life
  13. snappedouttafap

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    I don't understand how removing something that protects the gland, can prevent disease or infection? The gland is also incredibly sensitive, so I can imagine circumsized guys are desensitized in comparison. I'd assume sex wouldn't be as great.
  14. FlatlineFred

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    Circumcised guys don't get smelly stuff "up in there" because the don't have an "up in there"

    I am circumcised. I sometimes wonder if thats why I used to get E's so often walking around. (I wondered if without a covering the head was getting stimulated rubbing against clothes) also wondered if I took away a little bit of girth (what with some extra skin missing)

    I don't think about it any longer and dont feel robbed.
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  15. Felipe.dasilva

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    I agree about the Es . I suspect the same thing with me.
    Uncut guys can get them easy too because of the increased sensitivity esp once it starts to escape the hood
  16. Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel sad that 'peer pressure' and cosmetic considerations was one of the main reasons to have your sons genitalia altered. People that are pro circumcision imply that those with a foreskin are prone to constant infections with a real risk for health. It is just not true. I have never had one. Nobody I know well has had one. Furthermore, human beings get infections all the time such as respiratory infections. It is no big deal. This is all hype tbh.
  17. PicNick

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    I was circumcised due to a medical condition as teenager. There is trouble moving the foreskin back in phimosis and peeing is also an issue since it showers all over. I do wish that I wasn't circumcised, since without the foreskin, the sexdrive is more since the glans is exposed. However, it was not a choice either as it was a medical treatment procedure.

    Its a normal to think what you're thinking. However, you can consider it as penis easier to clean and move on without getting held on the thought or use the techniques that you are using and move on. In either case, there isn't anything abnormal about missing your foreskin. Best wishes.
  18. Millenial

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    I am uncircumcised and find it very difficult to get a condom on because my dick is oversensitive when not protected by it's skin.
    So I hate using condoms which is not good.
    I agree with that boys should decide for themselves when they are about 16.
    Try not to miss your foreskin.. it's nice to have one but most of the time it just gets in the way!
  19. Ommni

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    I was circumcised as an adult, I had a little bit of phimosis and sometimes O gave me pain.
    The surgery was simple, but the recovery was insane. I had erections every night and IT HURTS A LOT. I passed one month waking up every night because of that. It also hurts to walk, to drive, to pee, it was a nightmare.
    Despite of that, I think it was a good decision, now I'm not worried with painful O, but if I could choose I would be circumcised as a child.
  20. AbnerT

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    That's interesting, because for a while I wondered what it was like to be circumcised, being uncircumcised kind of makes you feel out of place since everyone else is.

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