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  1. Does having your SO on here cause extra tension in your relationship? Has something been said on here that leads to a fight irl? For those who's SO isn't on this thread if they joined this forum would you leave?

    If I was in a relationship and my SO joined this forum I think I'd leave and join another forum because I'm certain it would cause extra tension.
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  2. Rehab101

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    Yea, I would not like my so on this forum. I share everything with her but I like to have my own private thinking time. Space is important for me and people with device like tracking their friends and partners through Gps would drive me crazy. Well everyone is different just talk to your so openly about it and see what he thinks.
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  3. Numb

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    My bf and I are both on this site, hasn't caused any tension so far. But I don't follow him and I don't think he follows me. I do run across his post from time to time but I never search them out. If it was really that big of a deal we could easily block each other so we couldn't see the others post.
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  4. Jennica

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    My husband and I are both on here. Never had an issue. We made an agreement that we will post what we post (and don’t hold back) if there is something that’s bothersome, needs clarification or better understanding then we talk about. It’s actually helped us both quit a bit on the communication and understanding front.
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  5. In someways I think it would help communication. It's like having a conversation palpay.
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  6. Nugget9

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    This site works well for the PA and SO. There is a lot of great information from both sides and people from both sides can post anything that they are thinking that may help.

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