Daily Intention Thread : "Today, I am... + POSITIVE AFFIRMATION"

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by 2525, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Meditation Monk

    Meditation Monk Fapstronaut

    Will be keeping you in my thoughts. I hope you will work out something for your bad habit.
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  2. Today I am gathering with other Christians to glorify God.
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  3. pablos86

    pablos86 Fapstronaut

    Today I am happy without PMO :)
    Today I feel a lot of energy :)
    Today I know that this is my path and it is good :)
    Today a little cheering you all ...
    Regardless of everything, never give up !!!

    :) :) :)
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  4. path_finder

    path_finder Fapstronaut

    Same as me. I feel a Bit shitty about my relapse. I feel sad, depressed, headachehe confusion, anger... if i could Just manage to become vegan, practice Quigong every day and live among Others in a Community...
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  5. path_finder

    path_finder Fapstronaut

    This is a Long Story and You wouldnt eunderstand IT If You knew IT.
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  6. Today I have the courage to change my story....
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  7. path_finder

    path_finder Fapstronaut

    I dont fap cause when i do I feel twice as lonely than I was before doing it.
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  8. Today I am not gonna use porn because I feel too good to give it up and fall back!!!
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  9. Today i am staying positive because negativity has never helped anyone reaching their goals. Stay strong !
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  10. Teenagedirtbag

    Teenagedirtbag Fapstronaut

    Today I am strong, focused and healthy.
    I can control my desires and emotions and prioritize doing the right thing
  11. Tomorrow a new porn free week starts!
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  12. Sterkte

    Sterkte Fapstronaut

    Today I have been feeling urges, but I need myself to remain porn free, and so do those who count on me.
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  13. Tryingto

    Tryingto Fapstronaut

    Today I am doing the work and will not look at p-subs.
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  14. GuillaumeDujardin

    GuillaumeDujardin Fapstronaut

    Today I will follow my heart and drive myself to improve everything in life instead of falling into the trap of P and M.
  15. path_finder

    path_finder Fapstronaut

    Courage is Not to change the Story but to live with the one You got. Or write a good Script.
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  16. path_finder

    path_finder Fapstronaut

    You could say: Not Fall into the fap...porn fuckers fuck the Gap and we fap the fap. Hoes Out There Take other laps.
  17. path_finder

    path_finder Fapstronaut

    Today is easy. And I learned one fucking Thing. To me, its Not about the porn. Porn is Just a fucking Genre of Film. Fapping is more Fun but other Guys fuck in These movies so we shouldnt fap. masturbation ist the hell I Fell into since the time I was 14 and it is more than half of my Life. IT has just Taken and Not given Back anything in Return. To hell with fapping around!

    Today I definitely will not masturbate because...
    Yesterday I Fapped And....
    -) I woke in the Middle of the night 3:30 and Had a terrible sleep
    -) now its 5:44 and I almost felt Panic and fear of my Life and day tough everything is fine.
    -) i feel lonely, depressed, sad, IT makes my aggressive and unfrielndy. I am a loaded gun.
    -) for the really intelligent and creative Guys, fapping is a Double sin.
    -) its really Not worth IT
    -) Roman catholic church says IT IS.a sin and Rome is Always right cause its Not Venice.

    Before I Fapped:
    -) I ate Well but Not too much
    -) Read a philosophical book about post- and transhumanbism luently... (Janina Loh, In English I can recommend the book about Cyborgs from Mark Coeckelberg.)
    -) I was kind to others

    Best would be to practice Quigong and Tai Chi daily, have a good Life and exciting day, resist fapping, be vegan and Live my Life!
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  18. Today i am trying to be a better person than yesterday :)
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  19. Barnabas_

    Barnabas_ Fapstronaut

    Today I am enjoying life without porn and masturbation. Life without both of them is good.
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