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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Tao Jones, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. Tao Jones

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    I found NoFap a few months ago. I joined up right away. This was something I had not tried yet on my journey of recovery from PMO addiction.

    I had 18 months P-free over a year ago. I got blindsided by some family drama with my parents and my siblings. In my sadness and pain, I turned back to PMO at that time. I have been trying to rebuild what I lost ever since. It took me about a year to get back to the place where I was serious enough to seek out real help and real change. That is when I joined NoFap.

    Two things were different for me this time: I committed to no M, which was a new goal. Even during my 18 months of no P, I would still occasionally M. After reading on here, I realized that was probably not the mist helpful practice. So, I decided I would commit to no PM, reserving O strictly for times with my wife.

    The second change was that I started a few AP relationships where we check in with each other every day. This was also new to me. I had been part of 12-step style groups before, but never one that was dedicated to PMO. So, I was around empathetic addicts and learned a lot from them, but I was never able to share with someone who understood my issues specifically.

    It has been really, really powerful to have both of these factors in operation for me this time around. The first 60 days were very tough. But the daily check-ins with my APs helped a lot. It was so freeing to be able to talk openly and honestly with them about urges and temptations. They got it, because they wrestle with it, too.

    Today is Day 100 on no PM for me. I know I am only one wrong decision away from chucking it all out the window again. I plan to keep my AP network in place for the long haul. I have also started interacting with APs on Discord and over WhatsApp. That real-time connection has also been very helpful to me. And I continue to learn from and be encouraged by this great community every day.

    I am forever grateful to the founders of NoFap. This place was a much-needed lifeline for me. I know it is the same for many others. I recently became a supporting member of the site, because I want to put some money into something that is doing so much good for so many. I hope NoFap stays around for a long time and helps many other people just like it has done for me.

    Now onwards to Day 200 -- and beyond! :)
  2. Myfortress

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    That is awesome Tao! I'm so proud of you. We are tracking about the same amount of time. I started 9/1/2018. Unlike you, this is my first time past 90 days without relapse. You are an encouragement to us all.
  3. pp7711

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    Well done and huge respect.

    I like your post. It reads well and is clear. You have communicated clearly your intentions and acknowledge your support network.

    With this in place, I wish you well and believe you have the tools to hit 200.

    I hope I can make 200 too. No surrender.
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  4. SirErnest

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    Well done. Especially with actually contributing some cash!
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  5. RightEffort

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    I Love your humility and egolessness knowing your ONE decision away from relapse!!!! This is super gold.

    I find that my ego gets big after a while free and it goes back to playing with fire or somehow justifying that iv been free from so many days so now I should 'test' to see if i still like PMO lol

    Thank you for sharing and look forward to seeing you grow and evolve!
  6. Walk_it_out

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    So good brother! You are an encouragement indeed. So glad you are on this journey and for the experience and understanding you get to share now.. we need men to walk this path and know how to help others to rip free from the grip of these terrible habits! God bless you and onward soldier..
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    Good job bro. I too have felt great freedom and joy without M or P for 90 days till just recently when I relapsed. Seeing a community of people who actually are trying to fight the same war as you is great motication.
  8. Asgardian36

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    hey man thats one of the best success stories i've seen in a long time! I'm so happy for you! keep it going!!!
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