Deeply depressed since two years

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by okaph, Dec 18, 2019.

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    Hey folks, i've got a problem. A deeply rooted issue of mine that's been bothering me for two years now. I am heavily depresssed, it all started with insomnia due to an anxiety problem which set it all in motion. Prior to that I was an avid bodybuilder, hopefull for the future, dreaming of having a career as an instagram model / gym coach.

    Since december 2017 I am battling anxiety, depression and an overall negative outlook on life, I am feeling dysfunctional on a daily basis. With problems such as memory failure, concentration problems and also an extreme lack of motivation to do anything.

    I had to delay two exams this semester. It was pretty soul-crushing as I was hoping that studying and a solid routine would do some work for my psyche. Nonetheless i'm going to return to university the 27th of January.

    I won't write too much as it is quite pathetic, and there are lots of people that suffer way worse than me. But I have to ask you people for some guidance. I don't know what to do, I have tried literally everything, yet it was all for nothing. Right now i'm considering to start on some new antidepressants. Haven't tried more then 3 variants, without luck.

    Also, PMO has always been a part of my life, i've been using it mostly as a coping mechanism, especially since the start of my suffering it has evolved to multiple times a day. I'm trying to quit, i've done it before. But it was never as hard as it is now, there is literally nothing to cope with the moment I stop looking at porn. I can't go more then 12+ days at a time, as a consequence of withdrawal symptoms. Too much to handle at a time.

    Please help me, I really would love some support
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    I've got a thread in my profile that might help with this.
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    Start with running every day .
    You will definitely feel better.
    Read the book Spark by J. Ratey
    It addresses anxiety and depression in details.
    Excercise is as good as prescription drugs ( with no side effects)
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  4. Saoconrado40

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    Definitely keep active and social. Try not to sit at home by yourself
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    If running is too much for any reason, walking on a treadmill with a 8% grade, 3.5mph has done wonders for me. No joint pain or any ill effects.
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    What ADs have you tried?
    I subscribe to the view that although it feels very emotional, depression is an organic illness with physiological causes (neurochemical imbalance) and is very effectively treated with medication.
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  7. okaph

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    Escitalopram (lexapro), Tradozone, Wellbutrin (Bupropion)

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