Do you tell friends/family/other people that you're a fapstronaut?

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by DutchAnonymous, May 1, 2015.

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    You boys do realize this thread is 6+ years old right? Anyway I just wanted to comment on this idea not to disclose to your wife? Bad idea! She knows. She probably doesn't know exactly what it is but trust me she knows something is definitely wrong. Don't believe it? Ask any woman on here! It's not a good idea to just get drunk one night and spill the beans either. There is a healthy way to disclose and then there is a very bad way. And worse there is a discovery which will eventually happen anyway. So don't think for a moment that you can do this as a solo fight. And don't think for a moment you can hide it indefinitely. Not gonna happen.
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  2. I wanted to resurrect this thread because as a new user and 5 year NoFap practitioner, this is my two cents. Tell no one. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and self determination to get to where we are at only to disclose very personal information to people, who themselves, are most likely fappers but may pretend like they aren't; just to try to make you feel bad for sharing this kind of information. From a biological perspective I will use any natural tool as my disposal to put myself in a favorable position for selecting a potential mate or having a better standing in social situations. Many people who take up NoFap know this. You become increasingly more social while things like anxiety decrease as your confidence and attraction increases. Most find they become that proverbial "go-to" guy in many cases.

    I think we all intuitively know fapping either by MO or PMO is not something we should be doing. If you could go back to the first time you MO'd recall how you felt about the experience in general other than the dopamine hit at orgasm? There was probably that little something in you that told you it wasn't right. The same can be said for PMO. That guilt is built into you for a reason.

    Bottom line is this. As you break free from this habit you may find some of those older personality traits surfacing. Harness the energy to be an example to people around you. The magnetism is real. The attraction is real. The confidence is real. Don't throw it away to others who may use it as a means of tearing you down. You earned the gains so protect them.
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