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Does anyone else here have a similar addiction?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by SendoSan, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. SendoSan

    SendoSan New Fapstronaut

    I have always been addicted to creepshot/voyeur style of porn. I have worked to stop this so i can focus more on school and studying, but the brain fog still affects me sometimes. Does anyone else share this?
  2. ultrafabber

    ultrafabber Fapstronaut

    Techically all porn is voyeur since the people/actors etc can't see you. Voyeurism is all about not being seen. So your particular style of porn just puts more emphasis on that but porn is in essence a voyeuristic experience.
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  3. ryan23

    ryan23 Fapstronaut

    Definitely can relate to your struggle. And @ultrafabber hit the nail on the head describing the connection between porn and voyeurism.

    Most the porn I sought after was the creep shots, trying to see women bend over, and noticing me trying to seek that out in real life. Even my intention of going to car washes....

    I can't say I'm perfect now, but after abstaining from all porn content online for months now, it has definitely helped. However, I feel the addict still inside. Lately it's been trying to see a woman undress across the neighborhood (from my window). Even though it's blurry and can't really see anything from how far away I am, I catch myself gawking and gazing for way too long. Imagining. It shows how easy I could act out, and look up actual content. Though, I feel more in control now, and am just continuing to bounce my eyes at the gym, and in places where there's women wearing tight clothes. I see progress. Ridding all online content has been a huge step in the right direction I believe, as well as abstaining from masturbation.
  4. ryguyuplift

    ryguyuplift Fapstronaut

    This has been my main struggle and fetish. I'm working hard to overcome it. It has made my life a living hell and if left unchecked has the potential to completely ruin my life and career.
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  5. NiccEPH

    NiccEPH Fapstronaut

    Somewhat, I suppose. Especially when it comes to a certain fetish of mine, I preferred more ‘candid’ non-professional videos and photos. As if I had just stumbled upon them.
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  6. This is my main form of P actually. I've stopped since I know the consequences, and that it's immoral/unethical.
  7. DeepParkWater

    DeepParkWater Fapstronaut

    Feel like you like the danger aspect of it, you want something possibly more natural and authentic which is why you are excited more by it than other things. Id recommend taking the time to be introspective as to why that excites you internally, as it comes from somewhere in your mind. Once you address and recognize that it'll be easier to eliminate
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