Dopamine rush - sexual toughts

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by kamov, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. kamov

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    Hello everyone!

    An hour ago happened something that I wasn't expecting nor I think was possible. I think I felt physically dopamine rushing in my brain.

    I was in my bed, surfing reddit and reading PIED stories and I was thinking about sex, and I had a sexual tought and I instantly felt a sudden spike of arousal, like I was about to cum, a sudden heat in my groin, it lasted for a few seconds but was strange.

    Has anyone of you felt this ?
  2. Life Project

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    Yeah, I actually experienced something similar tonight actually- that's why I'm on here. Maybe the experience was different, but based on what you said, it was an urge. Maybe a strong urge, but an urge nonetheless.

    It's extremely important that we remain in control of the mind in those moments. These are the moments we have to fight like our life depends on it (which it does). Sounds like you were you in control and let the urge pass. The most important thing is you won the battle. Try not overthinking it- I say this because I've been overthinking the smallest things for the last month (I think it's related to me still being in withdrawals) and it has done nothing but confuse me and allowing the mind to be in control. Keep it very simple. As long as you don't do pmo, you're good. Hope this helps man.
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  3. vishop

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    It usually happens because porn is too much normalized in the social network and it's like you are not even aware of that. The dopamine rush of that adrenaline are simply reaction coming right out of your mid-brain instead of responding or coping with it.
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  4. r8js

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    Its very is directly or indirectly helping money laundry, money crimes, corruption, civil violence, etc etc

    Publishizing sex is porn.....

    they attach woman face with every single product, 80% males behave like female is product to be used....
  5. kamov

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    Well, I can't say it was a surge, it was a sudden spike in arousal, I was already mild aroused but nothing too serious. And then I tought about sex in a more vivid way and for 2-3 seconds I felt a HUUGE spike in arousal, I felt like I was close to cum but I could stop myself. That never happened to me honestly. As far as I know, a urge is something that makes us want to masturbate, and it wasn't that, I didn't had the urge to masturbate
  6. Drambuie

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    sex sells is there motto. That is why they have all ads with women in bikini/lingerie. It is truly hard to ignore sometimes. A real battle it can be
  7. ShogunGeneral

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    There's a pretty good hack I use for fantasies. Came from a post here but it involves an NLP technique called a pattern interrupt. Whenever I catch myself fantasizing or having stumbled on something I shouldn't have looked at as soon as it happens I say 'I'm happy and healthy...' and that thought usually distracts me from the fantasy. If it comes back I repeat it. There's been times when I've needed to repeat it over. The good news is the more you do it it becomes like 2nd nature. Now I've shortened it to 'Happy healthy...' some fantasy pops into my mind as I'm going to bed 'Happy healthy... happy healthy...' Takes some practice but once you get the hang of it works great. Good luck!

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