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    Hi, I'm still relatively early in my journey (check counter) I've had no relapses and was until last night feeling positive as had good weekend with SO (check my journal).
    Getting to the point, yesterday I was watching a film called death race 4 which was a bloke film and there were a couple of topless shots which I was uneasy about. My SO walked in whilst I was watching then a full blown nudity scene came on, I apologised and continued watching when my SO got really upset, needless to say I turned it off. Consiquentially she got very upset with me saying I was a child, not serious about my recovery etc. As Hollywood does put these scenes into a lot of films how do I get past this? My SO is considering leaving again due to this mistake that I didn't hide from her. Advice please
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    Well, you know yourself what your intentions are, perhaps on hindsight you should have been more cautious but to me it really isnt your fault. If i was your SO, i wouldnt hold your recovery process as an ultimatum for the relationship. Thats seriously unhealthy for the both of you;she would always be on the lookout on when you relapse, you gonna be paranoid about her finding out. The road to recovery is hard, if she seriously wants you to get over your addiction, she should not hold you hostage over it but rather immerse in the process with you. Its gonna be hard but it beats you two falling out over your addiction.

    If i were you , i would have a good talk with her about her expectations of you and how is she going to be involved i your recovery, she has to get involved whether she likes it or not , or rather thats the ideal way to tackle this problem. Really take time to strategise and piece apart how you are going to face this. Same goes with the other challenges in life.

    Cheers, hope it helps :)

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