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    I am interested in the possibility of physical, emotional and psychological benefits from abstinence. I know such things are often claimed by eastern religions. But does anyone know of scientific verification of these. I have a suspicion that such claims are rooted in a negative view of sex.
  2. Negative effects of porn use are supported by a good amount of research.

    If you're talking about semen retention, I couldn't find much. But it seems abstinence slightly increases testosterone levels in dudes.
    Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11760788
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  3. I PERSONALLY experience the benefits of abstaining each and every day. It is true. It affects both your physical and emotional state. I would write a list ,but really its known stuff.
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    How can u be sure these things are from abstaining and not at least a combo of other healthy alternative behaviors
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    Amazing! Im breaking my lifes longest streak record every day right now as you read this. I have never gone this long without since my first MO. Im hoping i too will find what you have.
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    To be simple about the science about semen retention, semen is very dense in vitamins, minerals and hormones. If the semen is not wasted it will be re-absorbed into the body, thus providing necessary nutrients. An other thing is prolactin which is released after orgasm. It is a hormone which makes us feel lazy and unmotivated, and it possible has a lot of other effects as well. I have no time to look for sources, but this information should be easily avalible by googling it. :)
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    Try it yourself! Do an experiment! Why do you need evidence to tell you how you would feel if you did something?
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    They're not rooted in a negative view of sex at all. In fact it is those very cultures that these principles originate from that had the most positive or neutral view of sex at the time. Take the Kama Sutra for example. That graphic detailed ancient pornography and sex manual was alongside tantric and spiritual practices to transmute sexual energy.
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    Not negative claims. It is experience of people like me, whom affected by over masturbation and from the geniuses who figured out it without doing that mistake...
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    and western ones, and the ancients, and centuries of tradition in just about every culture.
    Even Freud claimed it.
  11. We Westerners need so much confirmation from science that we do not value our personal experiences.
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    Thank you . . .

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