Ex broke with me but keeps bothering

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    Yea I realize now that she is intentionally trying to hurt me without letting me know it. Before I went I went travelling in Juli she had blocked me everywhere but when it was my birthday on 21 July she congratulated me and a few days later again blocked me during my travel! How more brutal can you get?
    I am shocked because I just don''t recognize this nice and beautiful person I knew in life with the way she treats me on social media. I always helped her and treated her with respect and this is what I get in return, a fistful of disrespect! No next time she writes me, I will call her back immediately, know her she will have no balls telling me this on the phone. She is a little Russian girl who is afraid and hates everything.
    You know she also mentioned all my personal shortcomings on why she doesn't want to be with me and that her new man makes her happy and calm. That was also really unnecessary. I mean if you don't wanna be with me then just get the hell out of my life and shut up!
    What can be the reason why she wants to inflict hurt on me while still trying to befriend me once a month? Maybe it was encouraged by her sister or girlfriends. To me it seems like she is trying to kill my love for her and then make me her "a girlfriend"... She did tell me she wants a friend like me. I bet my money she will try to write me again nearing the new year.
    If its true what she spoke that she is soon moving to another country to her man to build a family, I doubt a person like her can achieve happiness as I believe in karma.
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  2. yeah man that's a tough one. When my current girlfriend broke up with me originally I was hard on the porn and getting drunk regularly. But in the process I also learned that there was a reason why she broke up with me. I just started having fun again especially with my friends. I found whatever form of distraction there was to not think of her. And that's the way of the road, don't let the breakup be an excuse for you to jack off it should motivated you to not only beat the addiction but to better yourself in every way possible.
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  3. I don't know if he betrayed this community, he relapsed shit happens, and that's why were here to help him out.
  4. well said bud, create an account so we can use your future input!
  5. i understand the kind of disappointment you feel. but why would you call her? to have the last word? the more she speaks,the more you will be hurt. i know you feel anger too but being vindictive (yeah she will get karma like a boomerang but try not to think about that, everyone of us must live with the consequences of our actions)and wanted bad stuff to her won't help you. you gotta forgive her. i am not saying it is an easy and fast process but it will free you. do it for you. as long as you hate, it will eat you on the inside

    "What can be the reason why she wants to inflict hurt on me while still trying to befriend me once a month?" according to me, she is fucking crazy. i had an ex i texted after the breakup even if he dumped me saying that i had to delete his number and he didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore

    when i texted him after the breakup, a few months later, we talked for a while he even called me. i didn't expect it and i had my hopes up. he blocked me few days later. he went back and forth blocking and unblocking and then texting me for a year roughly. it made me unstable and very confused and messed up with my feelings and i asked the same you are asking yourself now

    why did he talk to me, agreeing to meet up and then behave bad with me and block me (basically playing with my feelings)? the answer is because we allowed it. that is it. if you allow your ex to be a bitch at you and keep insulting you and then you allow her to be "nice" to you, she will keep doing it to you until the end of times

    if she writes you i feel the best way for you to feel, at least eventually, you have been the winner over her is to block her. you shouldn't waste any word to her. the biggest thing you can do to piss her off is to ignore her. don't allow her to bother you anymore. close the door to her. Start 2018 fresh and with your head up. Takes your pride back. you deserve it

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    Your right, I should just see and accept it as a defeat. Even though I still desire her, how can I ever trust such a person again after all the disrespect she showed me.
    I don't hate her, I see her as a teacher who punished me for a mistake I will not make if I ever have a new woman in my life.
    Anyways I hope she will be happy and has the mercy not to write me again so I can go on with my life and forget her.
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  7. don't beat yourself up. this is not a defeat. you got free from a person who treated you badly. talk to some friends about this and they will have an objective opinion and they will let you see her for what she is. she did wrong to you. make this promise to yourself: you will never allow a girl or anyone else to treat you bad again. concentrate on your reboot. it's time for you to be happy again and quit your addiction forever
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  8. I don't think a girlfriend is the answer to all our problems any way before because they have problems them selves so we need to be the answer to our on problem and find a solution inside of ourselves seek the inner wisdom to end worry about a partner never let someone control how you handle your life you will find that one when time comes she left for a reason and you don't need her more anyway
  9. Fuck her she is a whore that doesn't want you any more or she would have stayed
  10. Women are. Fucking mans minds up with the cheating ways and all the sexual assault and rape charges it makes me never want to trust a woman
  11. we broke up once before
  12. you will always care about someone one way or another however, you always have to remind yourself if there are more pros than cons being with her. If the cons outweighs the pros than I say ditch her, cause it's just not worth it.
  13. My ex and I would fight all the time, she would block on me on Facebook and then unblock me a week later saying she missed me and whatever. it's all mind games, and at that time I didn't realize it as much but when I stopped feeding her my attention, we stopped talking for a full year straight. Broads like her can't be happy for you man, they want to keep tabs on you hoping you stay miserable. For example, she wants you when it's convenient for her. So one day when her life goes to rat shit, she can come back to you like a wolf in sheep's clothing.
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  15. Just tell her to frig off
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  17. Who is that face on the can
  18. You can love someone, but you can love them from afar. Sometimes 2 people together are like baking soda and vinegar.
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    I realize she really hates me. She doesn't want me to forget about her and move on, even though she said it many times to forget about her.
    Because she wrote me once every month after the break up and blocked me in Vk (Russian facebook) but didn't block me in Facebook. You see when you block someone in facebook they disappear but in VK they don't.
    I just don't understand how she can be so evil towards to me. I feel like having revenge on her now, maybe hire a hacker.

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