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  1. kg7241

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    What am I going to experience throughout the 90 days? I have gone to 19 days but mo'ed that day but what I experienced was happiness in the beginning but anxiety towards the end and it was so bad I was scared of basically everything and then became depressed and has strong suicidal thoughts but my HOCD went away pretty slowly though but anyways is all this normal?
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    I think it is normal. I have experienced the same. After a PMO I was just sitting in my chair for a whole day without eating and drinking anything. I was pretty mad at myself you could say. The best thing to do is to just go out. Or to do some useful stuff. Anxiety is a big part of the process. The more you stay away from PMO, it is said that the anxiety will pass away.
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    check out Yourbrainonporn.com. The videos were helpful in learning about what a person goes through in the rebooting process. I experienced anxiety, anger, depression, insominia but then they went away as I got further into my reboot.

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