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    Hey guys,

    I'm on day 8 of my no-PM-streak now. And the Urges and Problems are getting bigger and bigger. I'm completely honest when I say, I've never made it past day 12 or something so far. The first few days of my streak, I always feel confident, strong, motivated and so on. But, normally as just now, on day 7 the Problems arrive.

    Problem 1: My urge to masturbate grows enormously strong. It is hard to withstand and concentrate on something else. It seems to control my whole thinking and working and interferes with most things I do. Usually, I get along by praying, going to the gym, other Sports, Music and studying. Wouldn't there be Problem number 2...

    Problem 2: I have a girlfriend which I love very much. Ironically, as just now, Sex appears to get a lot harder and more boring while on a streak. Somehow, I seem to have lost my interest, stamina and joy in our mutual Sex life whenever I'm on a longer streak than 7 days. It's tough. I intend to create a better sexual health for me and also for our relationship but, Problem 2 makes this very difficult. Is this "flatlining"?

    Problem 3: Given Problem Number 2 and the fact that this does not happen when I'm not rebooting, "the urges" (Problem 1) and "the lost satisfaction of mutual Sex" (Problem 2) form an alliance with each other. And so, the monster grows even bigger that urges, begs, tempts, angrily commands and entices me into masturbating.

    Please if you have any tips or advice for me how to cope with these Problems, I would be happy to hear them!!!

    Stay alert and strong y'all!!!:):emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
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    Congrats on your streak so far!
    1- My post about fighting urges and avoiding relapse, could be helpful in knowing what to avoid and learning how to cope with stronger urges https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/things-i-learned-to-avoid-relapse.153229/#post-1303918

    2- You are probably experiencing flatline as you are increasing your streak, my advice would be to be patient, and to power through it, knowing that it's worth it in the long run. I would recommend, if you haven't already, talking to your partner thoroughly about how you feel and what is happening to you, I'm sure they will support you on your journey.

    3- Yes this is how the monster works, it will use everything it has against you, to try and force you to RELAPSE. But you have to hold on, for your case in particular I think I would recommend the standard programme/ explained by some youtubers/ and seen in forums, in my opinion it would work best for your recovery, I mean it all depends on what you are trying to get out of this, but I think this has worked for PIED so maybe (increasing stamina/joy/interest in your case):

    Step 1- 30 days NO PMO (no sex nothing)
    Step 2- 30 days sex without O (you can read up on this online)
    Step 3- 30 days normal sex with your partner.

    Good luck, hope this was somewhat helpful!
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    Thank you for your post! I appreciate your help!!! These are some useful tips, I will try to include them into my fight!! Thx a lot!!

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