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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by RecoveryOn, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Well guys due to anxiety and self doubt i relapsed again after 18 days. The main thing for me now is lack of concentration, when people talk to me i cant really get all the information which causes me to blame myself. I started a new school and that bothers me a lot .. the feeling of being inadequate..
    That starts the cycle of depression etc..

    Im not addicted to P i think im addicted just to O because i dont need to watch P at all cost. My thing is finding girls on omegle and sexting on snap.
    I find omegle worse because you lose so much time in finding the " F" ( the girl )
    Its ridiculous!

    I relapsed during a flatline so now i dont know what to expect?

    I would appreciate your experiences !

    Thank you brothers, have a nice day !
  2. It's still porn just in written form. Our imagination can be very powerful and can visualize very well. And it's interactive. It's a tough combination.
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  3. I
    I have similar problems with sexting, snap, cyber and phonesex. Over 30 days for me now though thank fuck.

    I feel so much less anxious and depressed but I am suplementing my dsy with teice daily meditation and exercise a lot more. Keeping me off those chat apps.

    Keep at it mate. You can do this. Reach out on PM if you want to chat.
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    Hows it going now ? Hows the progress?

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