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Discussion in 'Nutrition and Supplements' started by New Man90, May 28, 2020.

  1. New Man90

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    I ask if food supplements such as ginseng, royal gelly, omega3, zinc, and ginko biloba can be benefit during recovery process from pied
    Is it improve recovery from pied or not?
  2. False promise

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    don’t know about pied but those are great things to take in general.
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  3. Rev2.0

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    I've tried a lot of them. My top three would be tongkat ali, maca root, and zinc. The first two in powder form, and zinc as a tablet. They are all natural and readily available at reasonable prices online. Also look into L citrulline which opens up your blood vessels of which is a crucial component of your dick working as it should.

    Ashwagandha is a good one too although for me that's more of a mental well-being/stress control supplement than for ED.
  4. Alfie Foster

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    I also rehabilitated in the summer, I will say for sure that the above supplements clearly have a positive effect on the body, so I advise you to take them. It really works. I was told to find a trusted store, as it is very important not to fall for a fake, so that there are no problems with the body. I took from and after some time I was completely rehabilitated, I became noticeably better and now I am completely healthy. however, I didn't take Royal jelly because I wasn't prescribed it, so I can't say anything about it.
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