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  1. But addicts can consciously and deliberately decide to not watch porn. :emoji_lifter:
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    Yes, the producers and distributors of P are the ones to hate. Although I have a feeling that the really lucrative days are over, now fewer people are willing to spend money on DVDs (etc). I expect the people in charge of Cam sites and the like have a penny or two though.
    The 'stars' who you hate are making money from this, but not that much (unless they also produce). They are wilfully playing the game, sure, but they aren't the ones who make the rules.

    It's not 'art', by definition. I agree that art about sex/erotic art isn't necessarily a bad thing - at least, not to people without an addiction like ours that may be easily triggered. I certainly wouldn't want a return to the bad old days of censoring literature like Lawrence, Joyce, ...
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    yes sir that is me
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    Of course you do. You have free will. Just because you're urged to make a specific choice doesn't mean you lose the ability to chose.
    Yeah I agree. We have that much common sense left. Even tho in a society where it's cool to give little kids hormones in an attempt to affirm the parents ideological believes about gender, anything is possible.

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