Getting sick of failing (Relapsing)

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ak47_uk, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. ak47_uk

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    I have tried to abstain from fapping but always end up failing. I just king get into my head that its not ok to fap. I may be ok for after a few days, weeks etc but always end up in the gutter.

    Also when im not fapping I just find it hard to get it up as nothing excites it when im not looking at p. Not sure if I can do this? Or if I do not sure how long it will last. My brain just seems to think its ok even though i know its not.
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    Hello, it's nice to see you there, friend! Start with reading success stories and find something usefull :)
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  3. Start by telling me why masturbation is not ok, you seem very convinced
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    Seems strange but I think it's actually easier to cut out everything than take a half-way approach. That's my experience so far. Also, it's a big help if you follow a few simple spiritual-religious practices, like asking for help in the morning and giving thanks at night. Try to remember your brain is lying to you and although you have sexual images-thoughts, you don't have to act on them.
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  5. Removing the temptation will often times remove the urge. If that is not an option, remove everything you can. Continuously watch youtube videos on why PMO is bad. That will program your brain to find it bad not good.

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