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    You have the power. I often felt I could never overcome PMO. I was addicted for 1.5 decades, from 13yo til now. But now im convinced I can do it. You may think you dont have the power, but thats just cuz you haven’t figured out how to use it yet. You’re like a prepubescent superhero learning to use your powers; but you may need a little guidance and training. Here’s what you need:

    1) Research the harmful effects of PMO and the benefits of Rebooting. Im talking read a book, watch a documentary, listen to personal accounts, podcasts, YouTube, nofap journals, articles. Hours, days, weeks of research, not just for knowledge but motivation. Train yourself to believe that this is what you need. Having a sense of purpose would sure help. Nothing worth having comes easy.

    2) Build strong physical control (ie. Cold showers, exercise, cut out mood altering substances like caffeine and alcohol, fasting, erect physical barriers to PMO). If you can build up to jumping into a cold shower, go to the gym when you feel lazy, or resist food for a day or more, then you have the power to resist PMO. The harder you train the better; but its not an end-all solution. All this does is strengthen your endurance.

    3) Build strong mental/emotional control (exercise, emotion reflection, meditation, breathing, journal, tool-belt). Thing is, resistance can only take you so far. Eventually your stone mountain fortress will erode under the rains of stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, desire, un-fulfillment, tiredness, insecurity, self doubt, self image, trauma, boredom, laziness, disappointments, sadness, anger, and everything else. These are all reasons you feel the need to relax by PMO. Thats why you need to solve the puzzle of your mind before you relapse; like a time trial you can retry as many times as you want. Mental/emotional control is about identifying the underlying reasons leading up to PMO urges in the moment, using your self prescribed utility-belt to fix it, and learning how to avoid the rabbit hole the next time.

    4) Make a utility-belt full of resources and alternative activities. Compile a list. Include things you can do anytime anywhere when villainy is afoot, and things you should do on a regular basis to fortify your spirit. You should try to maintain top mental/emotional condition at all times.

    5) Journal your journey so you can better reflect on your failures, and internalize and reference your experiences.

    This is what I’ve learned in the last few weeks of intense trying. You can read more about my experience in my Continuous Journal.
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