Healing Through Music

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    This is my first real post. I’ve been doing hard mode for 30+ days now, and a common theme I’ve noticed is that I’ve been thinking so much more.

    In the past, I was on social media all the time, going along with all trends and not really doing much critical thinking. The deepest thing I did was create art, which I still do.

    However, in the last month or so, music has played such a huge role in my life and has really molded what I find important. Social media is not important, artificial joys are not, politics and arguments about insignificant things are not (to me, anyway). I think music has helped to make me a better person overall. I know what matters in life, and that is being happy and caring for yourself and others.

    My question is, has anyone else found music to be healing through your recovery? If so, what kind? What musical groups or people? Personally, I’ve really been into bands like Tool and Trivium. But it’s always expanding.
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    I think any passion that you hold will help you to surpass PMO. And yes, music helps me a lot.

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