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  1. Angad

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    Hi everyone...
    Its not just "I wanna quit PMO" thing that has made me land on this platform, but the most importantly its about "I wanna be like the one I used to be". I have been addicted to it since 11 years and the last 4 years were like a nightmare. I used to ace in various fields during my schooling but the moment the moment I joined the college, I never did justice to my talents and instead I got entangled in the false pleasures. And this has costed a lot in ruining the best period of my life : The College. I used to take part in myriads of competitions, now I'm not competent enough. I used to be spearhead of most of the tasks, now I see myself hiding in the shadows of crowd. You see, the confidence has gone down.
    So, I hope joining a community like this, as far as I have researched about it, will present an opportunity to me to regain my confidence and the previous ME.
    I want to build the Future ME from the Past ME, and not from the Present ME.

    Thank You! :)

    PS : I'm from India !
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  2. @Angad ,

    Most importantly, Welcome to NoFap.

    I don't offer advice, I'm just a normal ordinary member on here. But, I do offer my experience.

    I, like you, wanted more out of the NoFap community than to just quit pmo. I wanted a life. I wasn't fussy, really, I just wanted a life. Sure, a healthy sex life would be nice. But to get rid of PIED, DE and social anxiety was a big goal of mine.

    I started at the beginning and read the "Getting Started with NoFap" guide. I think I was in denial about what pmo had done to me. Because, it took me three times of reading the Getting Started Guide before I saw myself in it.

    Then, I looked at all the links on the newcomers page: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/new-users-list-of-rebooting-resources.50878/

    My experience was that reading all those links and watching every video really helped me understand how pmo can literally destroy the mind, body and spirit. I didn't believe it at first, but the program is spot on with everything that was going on my my life.

    The next thing I did was set a huge gigantic goal. One day. Seriously, any number bigger than that was way too daunting for me to try. So, I figured I could do one day at a time. And that is what I'm still doing. I did not pmo today and I don't plan on pmo tomorrow. I let the tracker keep track.

    I want a healthy sex life back. That will most likely include masturbation at some point. But, normal healthy masturbation without the bombardment of porn in high definition high speed images on my laptop or tablet and without the injection of sounds from headphones. When I was younger I was able to masturbate with only normal healthy images in my mind and did not have PIED nor DE.

    Lastly, I got involved with the community. There are so many members and so many posts, it's both overwhelming and easy to get involved. Pick a forum, a group or just mill around and read and comment, but get involved in the community. Add a tracker to your signature. It's right at the top of the page where it says, "Update Day Counter".

    Looking forward to see you around,

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  3. Angad

    Angad New Fapstronaut

    @StopTheMusic , Thanks for all the beneficial information .. I'm really looking forward to bring the best out of it. And I couldn't understand all bits and pieces of the Nofap earlier, but now I can. And surely, I'm gonna go and get myself into a community straight away.
    By the way, my count has incremented to 3. ;) Feeling good.

    Thanks. :)
  4. iwontdoitagain

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    Hi @Angad .
    I'm starting my nofap streak for the 3rd time after failing early both times.
    Wondering if you'd be interested in my being my accountability partner?
  5. Danny8

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    Hi there Angad,

    how is it working for you? I see you are 26 days in the challenge :)

    Best regards

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