Hi, 26y.o trans woman here

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    Wish you the best on your recovery! Fetishes can be tough to deal with but with patience and progress in your recovery it's definitely possible. I've been able to get rid of several myself. Just be patient and don't give up no matter how many times you might slip up.
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    This is an interesting thread. There are many threads on sissy hypnosis that the advice is give it up and you will lose the fetish. This thread at the beginning suggests that heavy use of sissy hypnosis and masturbation had a role to play. The advice here is different. I am not here to judge, just curious to as to what the differences are between the two different schools of thought are.

    I myself bullied as a child tried sissy hypnosis and cross dressing and then gave up those forms of porn and feel happier as a man. Should I have continued with sissy hypnosis and transitioned to being a woman?
  3. Hi warrior. I've been meaning to reply back to you. I'm really glad you found my post to be meaningful to you. I hope that others will read see my posts the same way and I truly wish the best for everyone here. Wishing you much strength and resilience on your recovery. If you need someone to talk to feel free to reach out to me. All my best

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