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Hobby ideas

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Cornixico, May 6, 2019.

  1. Cornixico

    Cornixico Fapstronaut

    I’d like to start a new hobby but I can’t think of what that could be. My hobbies at the moment are learning Spanish, working out, cooking and juggling. But want to try something completely different so any ideas of things I could do or learn would be much appreciated.
  2. vapid

    vapid Fapstronaut

    Ever considered building scale models?
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  3. Bombadil

    Bombadil Fapstronaut

    These's a bunch of ideas here: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/how-do-you-guys-spend-your-free-time.230352/

    my suggestions:
    • Learn a musical instrument, join a band, sing in a choir
    • Go on long walks and find exciting secret places
    • Have a social life
    • Learn to do something cool (make stuff, code, magic tricks, home brew, paint, draw, carve. ..)
    • Go to the gym (though watch out for triggers)
    • Learn to cook something epic
    • Read fiction
    • Play board games (no, not monopoly, go to boardgamegeek for inspiration)
    • Write a book
    • Take up a new sport
    Hope this helps
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  4. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    The above suggestions are good.
    If you like aircraft, I recommend aircraft spotting one the side. Make a log of the planes you have seen and learn to identify both military and civilian from underneath. You will collect rare ones, cool ones, fast ones, big ones, etc overtime. It maybe shouldn't be your main hobby but it adds a little excitement to life every time you hear a plane flyby. There is a website that lets your track all the flights near you called flight radar 24.

    And its completely free, unlike almost every other hobby
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  5. Cornixico

    Cornixico Fapstronaut


    nice idea, makes me think of other similar spotting hobbies. Obviously the most well known are Trainspotting and Bird watching. But I'd really like to know more about different types of trees, though I think I may dabble a little in plane watching. Thanks
  6. tsongz

    tsongz Fapstronaut

    Try fishing? We spend so much time glued to a screen these days, it's nice to have a bit of fresh air and time to reflect on things.
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  7. Cornixico

    Cornixico Fapstronaut


    I actually used to fish all the time when I was 13-16. I kind of miss it. I may invest in a rod again, and find a good place to fish.
  8. Cornixico

    Cornixico Fapstronaut


    Never considered it, it does sound therapeutic though, maybe I'll get a kit one day and try it.
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  9. drac16

    drac16 Fapstronaut

    Perhaps you could take up gardening. It's more of a passive hobby as opposed to something like basketball or soccer, but I think you'll like it.
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  10. XAI04

    XAI04 Fapstronaut

    Are you interested in electronics? There are kits you can buy and put together that help you learn how different devices work. Great for learning how to solder and getting practical knowledge and it's like building a model.
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  11. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    I throw rocks sometimes. It is relaxing.
  12. Badvock

    Badvock Fapstronaut

    I've been scale modelling for the best part of 35 years now (on and off) mainly in the last 18 years or so, it's both therapeutic and insanely annoying when small parts fly off into the carpet monsters jaws. That said it helped a great deal in distracting me from my obsession.....not enough but it helped. I assume you also build? I've done the whole gamut from armour and ships but have in the last few years settled on 1/48th modern(ish) aircraft.
  13. Nanni

    Nanni Fapstronaut

    - Read some good books, concerning science, history, religion, general culture, etc. So that you can understand better how the world you're living in goes.
    -Go fishing, if you like it.
    -Travel around the world, maybe even with a bike club.
    -Prepare for a marathon.
    -Join a dancing course (tango, samba, rock and roll, tip tap, disco...)
    -Open a YouTube channel.
    -a singing course or learn to play a musical instrument.
    -Lear surfing, stand up paddling, rowing on a kayak, and after you did it, go to a lake, a big river or a sea around the world and go on it.
    - Learn snowboarding (that's my dream since I was a child, but I always have been skiing and never had the opportunity to snowboard).
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  14. Cornixico

    Cornixico Fapstronaut

    Some great ideas from everyone. Keep sending them in. This is good resource for people who want to fill their time in a fun and positive way.
  15. vapid

    vapid Fapstronaut

    Haha! I know how it feels when you're working on something and a tiny part flies off into the floor under the table.

    I've been building on and off for the past 15 years. I'm mainly focused on building sci-fi mecha figures from the Japanese Gundam anime series. But I have a some armor and aircraft kits that have been sitting in my stash for a couple of years. I've recently began getting into building again since giving up PM. It's a great distraction and helps build focus. Lucky for me, my wife likes building too so we have something we can do together.
  16. Truedjinn

    Truedjinn Fapstronaut

    They are enjoyable. I used to make them all the time
  17. Do you enjoy taking apart electronics and fixing their issues? There’s nothing like the thrill of working on something with charged capacitors. lol
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  18. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    another idea I just had is model rocketry. It can be very expensive but if you learn to build your own rocket/fuel you can cut down on the price dramatically. Very satisfying to see your creation take to the sky. Also, I don't know whats legal to make in wales
  19. Try art. I know that sounds stupid. I mean any media, any timeframe, just practice the creation of something from nothing. I highly recommend aquaterriums, sculpture, jewelry, woodworking, or anything else you can put your mind to. Trust me, you can get super out there as an artist too. There’s some wacky shit art out there from so many cultures and perspectives on life.

    Art is a way of expression and comprehension, and it’s super easy to get into. Just keep your house supplied with random materials, and explore the internet and your mind for inspiration.

    Hope this helps!
  20. Any time is see these threads I suggest martial arts.
    -Most styles will get you into excellent physical condition and make you healthier
    -Most people are grossly unprepared to defend themselves and studying one of the more practical martial arts will teach you to control your adrenaline and give you more options if you're ever confronted by violence
    -Martial arts works you intellect as much as your muscles. Sparring and applying concepts you learn from training is like playing chess in real time. The smarter you are the more effectively and creatively you can uses the concepts to win.

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