How are you supposed to get a girlfriend if girls don't talk to you?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by zxcv, May 31, 2020.

  1. zxcv

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    I've been trying to message girls multiple times over lock down. and dating sites but none of them answer me when I try to talk to them. This is even happening with girls I know in life. Anyway to fix this?
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    Unfortunately nothing social is easy and works on the basis of a fix, although the whole social distancing thing has been true socially as well as physically and that is going to have unfortunate long term consequences. People who are already not very social staying home from school, so that there isn't even this general social connection when they were already very much isolated.

    I don't know the psyche of young people that well, but if girls are still waiting for this white knight kind of thing where someone sweeps them off their feet, even just in terms of effort, they already limit their chances a LOT. In general I also think a lot of people find other people boring a lot of the times, we don't have that patience. PMO is as much about the SPEED of instant gratification as it is about the "diversity" or novelty of a lot of fetishes etc. The fact that this is an issue even with sexual attraction, and girls may still have this expectation of being pursued one way is really not going to go over well.

    Sorry I am not answering your question directly, but because of all this I think we need to deliberately work on the social stuff in general, which includes the dating but HAS to include more than that. AP relationships. To think "getting" a girl is going to solve all this is just not true. There's a huge societal issue IMO.
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    It's like sales, as a man you have your own value as a product. Looks, money, charm, masculine energy, been outgoing, funny, driven, etc. There are a lot of qualities a man can have to give value to himself. You need to work on you to make your product more appealing to the buyer, in this case woman. For what you are telling me the product you are offering to this womans you are trying to speak to is not appealing to them so they don't give you any attention.
    You can do 2 things, with your current product keep offering it to different woman and eventually you will find a woman that like it, or work on yourself, became a better quality product and go out and show that product to the world. The womans that are attracted to it will try to buy you.
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  4. ShadyPerson

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    Online dating is the cancer of dating. Take everything incels say about women and apply it to women on dating apps and it all starts to make sense. (Even though there are certainly good people in there too.) You can try to work with improving your profile and conversation skills, but if all else fails just get out there and date in real life. (Or idk maybe not with the corona and all that shit.)
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    Check Corey Wayne in order to learn a bit about all that stuff. Not saying he is the truth, but I think he got many things right. Most of the people who read its book "How to be a 3% Men" 10 times are happy with the result. It's easy to read, but hard to accept. Because the "magic" love thing seems to disappear to let appear something like a "recipie" to get girls. Once again, not saying he is the truth, but you'll definitely learn a lot about how things works :).
  6. Parv Jain

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    My Journal
    Brother always remember girls are like cats and boys are like dogs .. so don run behind them
    do Excel in your life they ll get attracted to you
  7. Try to focus on improving your mind and your body
    Dont think so much about strategies. If a girl doesnt like you the way you are, she's not the right
    And online dating is a time waste in my opinion. I also do online dating, but for men it's quite difficult because there are a lot of other men who are needy, while women on the other side have so much possibilities.
    I just have a profile and if a girl writes great, but i dont waste my time too much with it
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    I don't think there is a fix for this. Online dating sites/ apps are like you porn imo. You are always looking for the next best girl to look at. I've been on dating apps and lot of times you become sad when a girl doesn't reply or if you aren't getting any matches. At the same time the girls who do match with you may just match to get a verification. Also, a lot of them(guys and girls) are on a dating app for a reason. Lot of them think that the perfect guy/girl match would bring them happiness. I truly believe that as hard as it is, you need to delete the apps and work on yourself. Fully Isolate from social media for couple of months.
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  9. Joe Makuza

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    Have you learned about game?
  10. LordQuas

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    Can't say better.

    Work on yourself, there is no other way. Stay away from social media especially instagram. Improve your look, your conversation skills, read/listen self improvement audio/books, stop fapping for a while and rely on your will power only, quit video games, start cold approaching women. Forget about online dating, you can get some asses but you're not going anywhere.. @ShadyPerson said it's the cancer of dating, I agree with that.

    I'm now in my early 30s, I started cold approaching women 15 years ago. In my mid twenties I learned about the game and got into personal development. It changed my life. I went from the guy who had not idea what to say to a girl to the guy who can approach models on the street, get the number and date them. I got rejected countless times, but I've been with mind blowing hot girls. It has become a lifestyle for me, you just have to do the work, and it's going be difficult but worth doing.

    If anyone interested let me know, I can suggest you some good stuff.
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