How do you deal with stress?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by AliWantsOut, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. AliWantsOut

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    I've been relapsing so much for a while and a lot of it is because I'm so stressed! (due to homework buildup) and I don't know how to handle stress, any tips?
  2. Pursuit__Of__Happiness

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    Oh wow!...Stress management. Let me first take a deep breath. This is one of the most critical factors which decide our success. I have had some really nasty tough battles with stress management.:)
    The first thing to keep it in the mind is that it is not a thing that can be mastered overnight. It's an art, a skill which takes time, practice and insight to master it. But, the good thing is we all can learn it. PATIENCE is the one-word answer to your problem. You need to be patient and determined to go through whatever comes your way. This journey of life is not a short sprint where whoever runs fast wins, but rather it's a marathon where the person who can show endurance no matter what comes his way, only succeeds.
    Some helpful tips---
    • Ask yourself, when was the last time you were stressed. Think about something that deeply bothered you last year, but see, you are still fit and healthy right now. So, why worry? It's futile.
    • Go outside. See people who are in a more miserable state than you. There are millions who even don't have what you take for granted like a roof over their head, loving parents, can't afford school, and obviously no internet that you are using.;) Thank God for what he has given you rather than focussing on what you don't have. Develop the attitude of gratitude.
    • If possible, help people who are more miserable than you. Helping people solve their problems and bringing a smile on their faces is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. It also enables us to see beyond our own problems.
    • Understand that this life is a temporary gift. We aren't going to be here forever. All things that we generally feel attached to, like our body, our loved ones, money, all the materialistic things are going to leave us someday. The only thing that we have is this very moment. Live to the fullest. Enjoy you life being in the moment.
    • Understand the transitory nature of life. Pain and pleasure are part and parcel of life. Sometimes, we feel happy, sometimes we feel depressed. That's life. Just focus in the present, not in the past, not in the future, but in the moment. Stop overthinking. Just get on with the flow. It will all pass away.

    P.S.- I think my post slightly went out of track. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Hope it helps.
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  3. Porn Free Wanderer

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    No need to apologise. That was beautiful.
  4. I Free I

    I Free I Guest

    This post has helped me as well . Thank you .
  5. noviceambition

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    -Purchase a journal to write anything that comes to your mind onto it.

    -Start on things you procrastinate on. Most of your anxiety/stress is probably from unfinished projects. HW only builds up if you put it off to the last second, you said it on your post. The thing is, you know what you need to do, you just don't do it.

    -Start sleeping more (7-8 hours/night), eating better (x3 healthy meals/day), exercising (~30min/week)

    I could go on with this. But the main source of your stress is coming from your HW. Get started on it, stop asking people for advice that you already know about. Open your textbook / HW and review it for 5 minutes. The problem that most people face is that they keep everything in their head and do nothing with their body. So, stop thinking and start doing!
  6. SnowWhite

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    That's so totally accurate. Thanks!
  7. @AliWantsOut

    Hello Mate

    The problem is your mindset.

    If you are looking for rational explanation, look into this video:

    If you are looking for motivation to push through, check this video:
    (1 day has 24 hours you know)

    Finally, if you procrastinate, look into Pomodoro Method:

    Good Luck and God Bless!
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  8. AliWantsOut

    AliWantsOut Fapstronaut

    Thanks mate, going to watch every single one of them since you said so, (and hoepefully apply what I learn)
  9. the crow

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    The stress management skill that stands head and shoulders above any other is plain vanilla meditation.
    Do it wrong and it doesn't hurt.
    Do it slightly less wrong, and it makes a noticeable difference.
    Do it slightly right, you'll start smiling without needing to fake it.
    Do it completely right, and we'll never hear from you again.

    And sometimes, that's the best of best results.
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  10. the crow

    the crow Guest

    Ever notice how the formatting bar for replies says: BIUOTA ?

    Noticing things has become a hate-crime, in recent years, but noticing things is also a great stress-management skill.
    Especially when you don't care, any more, about being thought-of as a hate-criminal.

    BIUOTA: It's a great word. What do you think it should mean?
  11. dundleup

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    I read a great piece of advice for managing stress/turmoil/wigging out in the moment. It was from a book about mindfulness for people with ADD. It's based on an acronym: S.T.O.P. It's good when you're running around with your head cutoff or getting upset about something.
    S - Stop whatever you're doing
    T - Take a breath (a deep, focused one from the belly)
    O - Observe the world around you, grounding yourself in what's actually going on in the moment and getting out of your head (I especially find it helpful to pay particular attention to something in nature - a tree, a rock. Puts things in perspective.)
    P - Proceed. Go on with what you're doing, this time with hopefully a more mindful approach.

    Hope that helps a little with dealing with moments that are particularly overwhelming.
  12. the crow

    the crow Guest

    Good approach. Do it enough, and it becomes all you ever do.
  13. BigCheese

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    Personally, cold showers and working out have helped a lot.
  14. Dziki007

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    Yea i relapsing because of stress too... :/ 30 days streak and BAM, fuucking stress because of study work.
  15. @AliWantsOut

    So did you see those videos? :)

    How are your stress levels?
  16. MrPrince

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    I would recommend to allocate every day some time for meditation 5 minutes twice a day
    And if u live in a place near to the nature i really recommend spending some alone time in the nature without any technology only u and the nature this will help u release stress and feel good
  17. I find that I become very stressed when my day is planned haphazardly. Having a good plan for the day, which includes time for things which might happen outside of your schedule, has been on of the best stress deterrents for me. When my day is planned I have a goal I'm working towards and so my time and energy can be better utilized. When I don't plan out my day the chaos of everything coming at me starts to make me feel overwhelmed and unstable. I then find myself having to make up a plan on-the-fly. This means I have to quickly plan how much time and energy I will need to use in order to complete a task and that process of determining those parameters is, in and of itself, exhausting.

    I would say the evening before your next day, try to take some time to plan out tomorrow. I think this will help you better organize your life and not make you feel so overwhelmed.
  18. Pursuit__Of__Happiness

    Pursuit__Of__Happiness Fapstronaut

    So, true. It really works. A lot of times, we ourselves are responsible for creating the chaos in our lives and then feel stressed about it, rather than any external factors. Getting into the habit of proper planning and scheduling really makes our lives simpler.
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  19. nomo

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    I agree with almost all of your advice on managing stress, except I think a person should really strive to exercise 30 minutes/day. Not necessarily 30 minutes everyday, but if you miss a day, than you should double the exercise time the next day to an hour. Minimum for me is to exercise 3 1/2 - 4 hours per week.
  20. AliWantsOut

    AliWantsOut Fapstronaut

    Interesting, I think I'll get a small notepad and a pen to always carry in my pocket since I don't have a phone.

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