How do you get anywhere without social proof?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by RubiconZ, May 14, 2020.

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    If you have no friends, you probably don't use social media. I stopped using it a long time ago. It has its perks (I hate using it, and also don't have to worry about employers looking me up and finding something they don't like), but the massive drawback is that people can very quickly find out you are a ghost.

    Whether its snapchat or facebook etc. its ubiquitous today. Its the proof that you are normal and have friends, that you have a life. Not having a presence there (and I mean an active one) has really put me in a bind, not only when it comes to finding a relationship but even just friends in general. The only way I can see that you would get out of this is moving somewhere new and somehow making a lot of friends very quickly in person so that you could get on social media. I don't want this to matter, but it does. What would be your advice?
  2. I don't use social media. I assume it 100% and it's ok to meet people especially girls if you 'have no social proof". It's all in your head. Real social proof is the one you communicate when you're with people.

    But if you fully assume this, people will respect you and respect your choice. It only matters if you attach importance to it.

    Go out, assume your personality, meet people even if you're scared. Assume your imperfections. The goal is not to be perfect but to express who you are.

    It's the same as going to a nightclub alone. If there's a part of you that thinks it's weird, you can't have a good time.

    Let go of the image you want to project. You are who you are and that's enough. Just do what you wanna do and live your life
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    You care a lot about what people think about you and not having social media accounts.
    I never liked social media and I quit using it a few years ago. My friends always tell me to create an instagram account. Some girls i dated asked if i have one and laugh about the fact i don't. My actitud always was the one that i really don't care that i don't have one, in fact I feel myself like a person that don't follow what other people do, i choose for me and instagram is something that i can live without. People respect me because of that.
  4. I don't really see a reason to use social media. No, I don't really have any friends. Nor do I want to prove to anyone that I do have friends.

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