How long should a reboot last to fully repair your brain?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Almtead, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. ivanhoe

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    It's not just about PMO - many people, myself included, continue to have a 'porn studio of the mind' - fantasizing - pmo's back up drives! - for a reboot to be really effective you have to rid you mind of these too.
    I did not so even though I had great benefits from 3 successful 90+ day reboots, i was not fully healed because of continued fantasizing.

    That's not to say the time's wasted - its better to think about this as a permanent lifestyle and permanent philosophical change, rather than a one time thing.
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  2. londonguy90

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    Im a bit older then some of the men on here started slowly with images in a newspaper and slowly got addicted to high speed like most people to point id watched sometimes hour’s and hour’s a day. Im guessing two week’s to heal the adaptor’s and alot longer to fully heal the brain.
  3. Mike Panz

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    this is a four year old post so you may not see this reply. what you wrote stuck out to me because our situation seems to be exactly the same. i am your age, i've been struggling for about 25 years, i'm currently in a SA group, and i've just been turned on to mindfulness.

    you talk about fantasizing a lot, which is my main problem. i don't need actual porn (aside from sometimes looking at a still naked shot of a model) because i create the scenario in my mind while i masturbate. video porn does very little for me actually, and i've not seen much of it. for this reason, i wonder if i am really addicted to porn since i am not drawn to it. i don't have an urge for porn, i don't sit there watching it, i don't purchase it, i don't rush to my computer with an urge to watch porn. everything takes place in my mind and only during masturbation/fantasy sessions. i don't fantasize or obsess about sex during my daily routine.

    i simply have become accustomed to creating a hot scenario in my mind when i masturbate, rarely more than once a day. these sessions last about 30-60 minutes. this reliance or conditioning or sensitization or whatever you want to call it has led to erectile dysfunction whenever i try to have actual sex. it used to be that if i fantasized about a hot scene in my mind during sex i could maintain an erection, but these days that doesn't even work.

    so i'm wondering if i'm actually a porn addict. i'm certain that a period of abstinence and rebooting is a good place to start, but if i'm not a porn addict, then i'm wondering if my issue requires something different or more intensive than nofap...or maybe my issue is less severe.
  4. Mike Panz

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    hey ivanhoe, i agree with you about the fantasizing. i don't actually use porn as i wrote in a reply in this thread.
    i'm just curious if you have experienced an ED and how long you abstained from PMO and fantasy before the ED went away?
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  5. saurabgangul

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    6 months for most will be different for everyone as everyone had different levels of addiction but what I will like to add is NoFap without health cultivation is no nofap. Don't think NoFap without any exercise meditation and good sleep is great. NoFap is not about 90 days of abstaining it's more than that it's about adopting a lifestyle it's about making your life great by good habits. Habits of reading great books habits of having a great diet habits of exercising habits of meditation without these reboot is dimmed to fail you are more likely to relapse of you are just sitting on pc all day using YouTube all day doing nothing productive all day. So basically NoFap is about changing bad for hard habits. Good luck and stay vigilant.
  6. ivanhoe

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    I have had an ongoing problem with fantasy unfortunately, but fortunately at least i KNOW what the problem is!

    I have been able to go up 30 days fantasy free... but I really think I need six months and also a permanent other way of coping.
  7. The Valiant

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    For me, a reboot is when fapping isn't even apart of your life; you don't even think or give a shit about it; when you've successfully convinced your brain that sex or wet dreams are the only options for release. That said, the length of a reboot definitely varies from person to person.
  8. David Mackenzie

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    The urge is temporary it'll go away don't give in.Am also going through the same stuff.
  9. tangoalfaromeodelta

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    To everyone in this thread, no-one can tell you how long it will take you to reboot. There are factors that can inform your guess, but it will always be a guess, and it will be non-linear. You won't wake up one day being magically "cured". Most importantly, you will never - NEVER - fully heal. The pathways that activated during PMO will always remain in your brain and if you go back to PMO at any point, they will reactivate much quicker than they would form for someone who has never seen porn before. That's not to say you can't live a perfectly normal, happy life, but it is to say we will have to be on alert until our dying day to ensure we don't slip back into the vice we tried so hard to escape from.
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  10. David Mackenzie

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    But once you quit and you're living your normal life it'll be easier for you to resist the urge
  11. nfphro

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    I wouldn't start 3 days before the exams. But learning is definitely possible.

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