How long until I can see results in the gym?

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  1. I have just started working out again. About 8 years ago I had been working out 6-7 times a week for almost 3 years straight. I did a 5 day split as well as running on my off days. Usually jogging 10km in about an hour. I finished 3000 meter beer (extreme version of the beer mile) in 14 minutes. So one day I just stopped. Mental illness was probably the main reason. I think I have completely stopped working out for the last 4 years. At my peak, I was muscular and lean. Around 95kg and my abs was somewhat defined. I am tall, 190cm. My ideal weight is somewhere between 85kg-95kg but I dont care much about being super lean, just fit. I just started working out again. Working my way up to a 6/7 day schedule again. Right now I am 110kg. I dont consider myself fat, nor do my friends. I am just big in general. But I am not happy with it. I want to cut down 15kg while also not jeopardizing my muscle gainz. 1 kg a week is maybe something to aim for? So with some hard work and maybe considering this a little ambitious, I should hit my fitness goals by february?
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    It's a little ambitious because there's about 12 weeks until february and losing weight while keeping muscle takes a bit more patience, so even if you cut 1 kg a week, which is on the slightly higher end, it'd be tough to lose 15 by february. What's in february though? Its always a good idea to work on your fitness and just do the best you can, and see where things go. We can't really control whether or not our bodies wanna lose weight or how fast it loses weight, but we can workout and have a solid diet and hope things work out, and if they don't that's fine too cause its a great thing anyways. You'll get there, but one of the most common reasons people get discouraged when working out is because they're more focused on the end goal and lose sight of the actual process,which is what you're gonna have to go through on a daily basis.
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