How much does meditation help?

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  1. Hey guys!

    I, unfortunately, relapsed recently and it was due to my lack of discipline and self-restraint. I figure that it's due to my lack of meditating. I try and do it as often as I can but I always put it off.

    So my question is, How much does meditation help? Why does it help and how long/frequent should I do it?

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  2. I've found it to be pretty critical because it allows me to become aware when I'm about to be triggered, and to be more mindful of my thoughts. It gives me far greater power to shut down and avoid fantasies or any sexual thought which would eventually lead down the path to a relapse.
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    I think is one of the keys to achive your goals, im very interested on how to meditate the right way.I usually listen relaxing music, it helps me a lot
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    You relapse because you didn’t meditate? Sorry but that’s bs. You relapsed because you wanted to relapse. No one put a gun to your head. You made that decision and you have to take responsibility. Nothing can help quit pmo except you! You have to be 100% committed and 100% want to give up pmo. If any less then you may as well pmo until you do because you will just make yourself suffer.
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  6. This is neither a helpful post nor is it very accurate either.

    There are behaviors and techniques which are pretty well observed that tend to keep the mind healthier, reducing the exposure of triggers, and create a greater awareness when triggering thoughts and stimuli will be a problem, ie being disciplined with cold showers and exercise, cutting out social media, and yes also meditating, among other helpful techniques.

    You're not wrong that we relapse because we want to, but wanting to stay sober minded involves for many a greater discipline and awareness where meditation plays a key part.
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    I didn’t say those extra tools dont help I am just saying he is using it as a justification to relapse. There absolutely no excuse to relapse. No one forced you to. He just wanted to in the moment and all I am saying is you shouldn’t put up a post acting like a victim.
  8. I don't know. I never tried meditation. In the past before coming to this site, I just used to ask myself if what I did was good (as in was the relapse worth it) or I just told myself that I screwed up and broke a promise to myself. I say based on the person and if they like to meditate that's good for them
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    Meditation always helps
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    For me, meditation helps to find the strength to fight. But the mind is a master playing trick, so after some meditation session I become too depressed recalling this bad habit which consumes most my energy. Sometimes to a relapse. Consistent practice may help for some months or so without losing the motivation. I couldn't get that mindset yet.
    More stable mind leads to healthy decisions... Meditation helps in that context.
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    The thinking mind is meant to think. Period. And the body is meant to be awake, flexible and energetic.

    It is the spirit inside that needs to be strengthened. I suggest you treat your whole day as meditation. Silently witnessing in everything. No straining. Just stay with yourself despite what comes up. Be it anxiety, or stress of any kind. If you listen to music. Listen to music alone and reside with it/in it/in the presence fully.
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    We are master of distraction.
    this addiction occupy the first place..for me..

    What u said is like an advanced stage of meditation for me..
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    No. That is something you cannot do even if you try. You can do this.

    You are not master of distraction. To be a master you need to work hardcore daily for many decades.

    How you think of yourself to be is how you immitate to be.

    Do this. On the side you can do this I recommend checking out the actual book.

    These articles may bring momentary excitement for your goal as well:
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    Sorry to hear that son. But it's okay to fail.
    Fail BIG - Denzel Washington.
    You fall down 7 times, get back up 8.

    Try and find something that you love and make it a habit. Meditation in my opinion is something that puts you out of the world you are in and into your own. In my world, I am this mysterious figure with an aura that is scary yet at the same time captivating. This persona is only alive when I am walking. That's my meditation.
    If you ever feel like you are close to relapsing, or need to blow off some steam find something that you love, and make it a habit so you can kick out the temptation. Something as simple as walking helps me all the time.
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    Thanks for the articles. Very useful.
    Practice is the key I know. But addicted to this , PMO is the big problem that I encounter when I sit queitly. I used to remember and recall this decade old addiction. Is there a way to override that? The degree of shame and guilt I felt is some sitting is so bad. I can't contain it, sometimes leaving the practice half way. I know that is the time I need to practice well. But those emotions are so strong.
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    Same thing with me. When I don't exercise or meditate, I have lots of relapses, uncontrolledness.

    Frequency suppose to be daily! Atleast once or twice a day, doesn't matter how small (5-10min minimum)
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    Daily meditation and exercise is the key I think. Cutting down on your screen time also helps a lot :)

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