How to crack the ice?!

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by BananaForce, Jul 9, 2020.

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    i have been dating this girl since not too long before quarantine ,we haven't seen each other in couple months and i feel like there is a wall blocking our connection( it didn't exist before) i'am trying to reach her but nothing work.
    i tried speaking my feelings about how we didn't connect so well in last couple weeks and she felt bad about herself and i didn't know what to do...
  2. p1n1983

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    things started great, she was interested in you.
    In some point, maybe because of you, another guy or quarantine she lost interest in you and backed of creating this wall.
    if she is not interested in you, then no matter what you do, she is not going to want to reconnect with you.
    No matter how much you tell her that you like her and and want to reconnect with her is going to make her interest in you again.
    she is not going to be straight to you and tell you she is not interested in you. Girls don't want to hurt your feelings, she is just going to try to fade away in hopes you get the fact that she is not into you and stop contacting her.

    It is clear as water that for some reason she lost interest in you, if you keep chasing after her you are going to push her even more away from you. Stop trying to get in touch with her, let it be. If she still have some interest in you, in a couple of days.. weeks she will contact you to reconnect with you. If she is not then you are not going to heard again from her.
  3. Move on if she is interestd she be reaching out to you
    typical women only concerned with themselves MOVE ON
  4. Don’t worry, maybe it is because a much better woman is on the way. However, you got to get it together

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