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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jake125, Aug 10, 2019.

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    What a fickle beast. I just clicked on some clickbait in the comments of a prominent magazine’s IG post and it took me to a fake account of a pornstar (no nude photos) and then I followed the link on the page to a website that happened to have photos of naked women on it (no surprise there). It happened so fucking fast! The little avatar in this clickbait comment was this pornstar-looking woman and it’s like I couldn’t even control myself.
    WOW, was I triggered. Thankfully, because of NoFap, I have a great group of guys that I could reach out to and send a SOS message to right away. I didn’t watch anything and I didn’t M. I’m not out of the water yet, but I feel much better just sending the message and I know what I need to do. If I didn’t have this group of guys to reach out to, it would have been a full blown PMO relapse that would have led to me watching P and M to O on and off for the next 2 weeks. Now, I don’t need to do any of that and I don’t need to reset my Reboot date. That’s the beauty of NoFap.
    But now, how to deal with instagram? The easiest answer is to just delete it, but what if you don’t want to for reasons that I feel everyone understands. What do you suggest?
    Or is deleting it the only answer?
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    Honestly in my opinions social media is nothing but trouble, you spend hours browsing through it and in the end you just feel empty.
    Besides in our days instagram is nothing more then an app for people who want nothing more then the validation from others.
    I deleted mine a long time ago, i don't regret it.
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    get rid of it. the cons far outweigh the pros.
  4. if i could super like this i would

    instagram, facebook, snap, social media is just mainstream pop culture all gathered together sharing their unwanted opinions and the mundane tasks theyre doing on a daily basis. not only will it drag you down and even trigger you, but it also has a reputation for making people depressed/insecure. i know you might want to keep it to talk to friends or whatever, but there really honestly truly is no point to having it. you have millions of messaging apps out there (hint, there's one built in to your phone) and a ton of ways to keep in touch with people. getting rid of social media is nofap on a very low level: the pros far outweigh the cons, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and youll find something even more productive to fill in your time
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    I was watching this YouTube video of a hot girl and she said in the video to follow her. So I started a new Instagram account and started following Insta models. There was a sudden urge but it went away. I wouldn't encourage anyone to do what I did.
  6. aymane29

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    You don't need Instagram: If you are serious and you know what you want just avoid it

    I recommend you to learn about EFT technique: it's a emotion freedom Technique
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  7. Instagram is cancerous addictive trash. Its turned me into a lurking creep who can't socialize with women or see them without having terrible thoughts.

    Get off of it while you can. You will thank yourself very soon.

    I have a private folder on my phone which has hundreds (400+) of screenshots of girls from Instagram. Girls I know, don't know, met once, etc. I deleted my Instagram a long time ago and have been consistently using the browser on chrome to get more pics since. I'll tell myself this is the last time, I have enough, there's other ways, but i always go back. I've since blocked the website. So far I've made it two days without "checking up" on my favorite profiles.

    However, I still fight the urge all day to go on my secret folder. I have a single image stuck in my head that i want to see, but i know I cant. Sometimes I see a girl on campus that resembles an image i have, and i get triggered, and that's all i think about for a while, its terrible. Please don't end up like me. You still have time.

    I cant bring myself to delete the app. I have too much invested. Some photos ill never see again once their deleted.
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    I actually just permanently deleted my Instagram. It deleted instantly. Last week I did the same with Facebook. Not a deactivation, but a perma delete. You have to wait 30 days tho with Facebook. They try to temp you into logging in again.

    Same with reddit. It’s the worst for me. Especially since all the nsfw subreddits. I went 204 days with no PMO and slipped up on reddit and accidentally discovered nsfw categories. I had no idea they existed. Since then I have been struggling to get back and stay on track. I also gave away my gaming pc. Now i just have this silly iPhone.... prolly needs to be next
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  9. Damn dude, I couldn't imagine giving away my PC. Im right there with you on reddit, ive got an alt account filled with nsfw subs that ive been struggling not to go on. Havent opened the app all week thank god.

    Good luck man
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    I get it, don't delete the account if you don't want to. I don't want neither. My friends are there and it is cool to check their pics and put there my pics.

    I advise the following:

    Make harder rules to reset the counter.
    You'r not that naif. You know when your looking for soft P on instagram or actualy looking at your friends pics.
    Delete any friend who you added because it's a hot model or something that leads to it. If you ever get to a pic of hot model or link to P and that happened because you where searching for hot models on instagram that counts as P and you have to reset the counter.
    Be thruthfull to your self, that way you can use instagram the way people who are not P adicted use it.
    Good luck!
    Thank you
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    What is EFT and do you have a link to a source?
  12. Wow, yea man reddit was tough for me. Once i discovered reddit my PMO went through the roof. It was already bad... but it got way worse. Mainly due to the ease of quickly pulling up porn and porn pics on the reddit app. I was following I think 130+ porn associated subreddits. And alot of them were taboo / fetish and even some bi / m on m contact. The worst thing was all the amatuer content and being able to chat and connect with those girls that were showing all their goods. It really had a grip on me. I was even posting a lot of pics of myself. And i was constantly checking reddit, even at work. I was going down a bad path... and quick. I deleted my account and ending up making another. Finally I let it all go but it was tough.
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  13. You_ll_succed_for_sure

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    Man, Deleting is the only option.
    Put that on mind : People on Instagram don't care about you, but about themself, that's why they always taking pictures of themselves.

    Keep doing your no PMO, and Be brave. We are with you.
  14. FellatiousD

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    What's the point of Instagram? Like what do people even do on it?
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  15. Create a pretentious display of their "amazing" life!
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  16. FellatiousD

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    Well I'm not an attractive female, so most random people probably don't give a shit about me :)
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  17. Step-One

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    You gotta just give it up. One reason this is so hard to kick is because there are triggers everywhere.
  18. Deepak678

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    True, Social media has just become a place to show off... And comment sections have turned into battle grounds for peoples with different opinion..
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    look at us we're like old people complaining about the current generation.
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