How to Transmute In Three Steps

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    The practice of transmutation is so powerful a force that I now believe it is not taught to people on purpose.

    These past 30 days have completely changed my life forever. I've never gone this far meditating and semen retaining. I've had a couple wet dreams (I reset the counter for wet dreams), but other than that, no conscious ejaculation.

    Let me just list off the benefits so far:
    • Incredible insight into myself and others - seriously. Hi-Definition views of my own and other people's souls, intentions, vulnerabilities, motivations.
    • Endless amounts of energy for workouts and work
    • Confrontational as hell. People do not understand who I am
    • Rarely take anything personally
    • Adopt a "me-first" mindset (What do I get out of it? What exactly do I want?)
    • See through nonsense and bullshit immediately, cut it from your life
    • Limited satisfaction from passive activities
    • Much better sleep, skin, activity, focus, energy
    • Little to no anxiety

    When I started retaining earlier this year (failing at 20 days in March) I kept hearing about this thing called "transmutation". What was transmutation? Did it happen naturally? Do I really have to sit in the lotus position and chant while following Jeebus- er, I mean Buddha?

    Not at all. It has nothing to do with religion or religious practices whatsoever.

    The problem I kept running into was that everything I read about transmutation was drenched in eastern theological jargon like "chakras" and so on. There were some sources that were good and secular, but very few. If you want a really, really good (non-religious) book on SR, check out The Semen Retention Miracle by Joseph H Peterson. But beyond that, there's not much non-religious stuff out there, other than the odd post on reddit. Even there, the kooks run wild with all sort of religious jargon, and frail looking Indian yogis mixing semen retention with a lot of mystical sounding stuff. Not my thing.

    So basically, I'm writing this because I think there is a lack of practical, secular (or non-religious) perspectives on semen retention and transmutation. That's what I hope to do here by talking about "transmutation", and how I've started to use it to face my fears, and change my life.

    The first step in transmutation is... surprise: don't ejaculate.

    Seems simple, but this is actually the hardest part. Especially if you're addicted to porn. If you're addicted to porn, stop. Porn is a version of population control, really, crowd control. It is the THE circus in the phrase "Bread and Circuses".

    To not ejaculate, I found it useful to first quit porn, and then, have a meditation practice. The meditation will help you focus on the urge as it happens.

    Eventually, with enough meditation, which is nothing more than sitting and focusing on your breath while keeping your other thoughts at the periphery, you can actually pull the energy back inside you before it goes too far.

    To get started on meditation, I highly recommend "The Mind Illuminated" by Culadasa. This one has zero nonsense crap about "reincarnation", "chakras" or anything like that. It's just a beginners guide to meditation, and completely practical. When I started using it, I would read parts of a chapter, and then meditate practicing that skill in order to internalize the information.. I read chapter two and three over and over again in the beginning.

    When you lust, you are stimulating a lot of pleasure in your mind and body. To stop lusting is to stop expending this energy and attention, and focus it on something else. It's really hard to do this, but you have to master it in order to retain for longer than a week or two. Otherwise, the urges will get to you.

    Step two is to release and become your emotions. Seriously, if you don't release your emotions by accepting them, you are going to have a really, really bad time. Emotional energy like fear, anger, hatred, love, pity, has to be released as you do SR. Otherwise it will build and build and build inside you, and it has to come out!

    In order to release and become your emotions, the first step is to discover the emotion. You do this by sitting and exploring your feelings. Meditation helps you build awareness of your feelings. It's hard when there is denial. Denial is such a strong force that I have no prescription for it, other than to wish whoever has it, gets over it eventually. But if you can get past denial, then you are 95% of the way there.

    Then after discovering the emotion and feeling it, you accept the emotion. I was always pushing emotions away because I didn't like them. But I soon started to just say, "I accept this emotion" for every single one, and then imagined myself as having that emotion. When I did this, I would feel a rush of energy, and sometimes even pain, as a part of myself I had separated came back into myself. As Walt Disney said, "The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else".

    I would actually reverse that and say, "The more you are like yourself, the more you like yourself". All you guys who struggle with self-hatred: when you accept your emotions completely, that completely disappears. You can't possibly hate yourself when you accept your emotions, no matter what they are, and no matter what you've done. The feeling is like wearing a glove that fits absolutely perfectly. You feel enshrouded in confidence, even if you know you have no accomplishments or anything. Like you're driving a car and each component of it you know exactly where it is, and how it's broken, what stress it's under. If becomes you, and you realize that even if there are parts of you that you don't like, the real "you" is this amazingly complicated thing that is nothing like you thought it was. Trust me. If you think you have had a fucked up life or sexual fetishes, you just have no idea man. Those things don't matter at all when you become who you really are.

    Coincidentally, that's the final part of step two. First discover the emotion, then accept it, and, finally: become the emotion as you choose. So become your anger, but put it towards some purpose (anger is very explosive, an absolutely incredible fuel, especially for being confrontational). Become your fear, but let it become anger (fear is transmuted directly into anger). Become your love and pity, and sadness, and let it become your desire to comfort others, to be close with somebody and heal and hold them.

    By becoming these emotions, you release the energy within you and can channel it, which is step three.

    Step three is the final step of transmutation. You turn your emotional energy into real world action.

    My first memory in life is my dad giving me a vicious beating, and yelling in my face. I don't even remember what I did, I was around 5 or so. But you see, I built a lot of anger and fear from my childhood. This was just one of many humiliations and beatings. SR forced me to face and admit my emotions from these abuses. Everything from anger, to fear and humiliation. Today, I wake up every day angry as hell... and I love it, because, when combined with SR, it's pure fuel.

    I also confronted my father, and it turns out that men who beat children are complete pussies when confronted as an adult. SR helped me do that, because I do not put up with bullshit any longer. He's passive aggressive and not really a man at all. He's also a sexual criminal, so his passiveness is probably related to his cooming addiction. I felt like I was bullying a child, honestly, and because I'm a decent person, it made me feel a little bad. But if he gets in my way, I will destroy him.

    That's how I feel because I accepted my fear, and was able to turn it into anger.

    Without SR, I would have been terrified to confront my father, because I never was able to transmute my fear into anger. But something has changed over the past few weeks. The SR gives me some form of baseline energy, which is transmuted into emotional energy, which is transmuted into action. By finding and accepting my emotions, I have started to become them. By becoming them, I have started to channel them into real-world actions. This is transmutation:

    Retain sexual energy -> Emotional Energy -> Real World Action

    I've seen so many posts that display the most pitiful and errant thinking on this topic, if you'll excuse me for saying so. They say things like "I shouldn't feel that...", or "I need to control my emotions", and so on. Another beauty is, "I don't know how to feel about X..."

    They think that what they feel is a choice!

    But the only choice is in how you channel it into your behavior!

    Every time I read something like those sentences I get a twinge of annoyance, because it's completely wrong. You can't control your emotions. At best, you can prevent your emotions from controlling your behavior. But you can't control your emotions. Your emotions control you, whether you are aware of them or not. As somebody once said, "We are not thinking machines that feel, we are feeling machines that think." So give up on "getting rid" of your anger. Become your anger. You deserve to be angry. You've probably been hurt, disrespected, let down, abused, kicked around. Anger is a healthy, normal emotion.

    People medicate themselves with alcohol, porn and give themselves low energy, so they can't transmute or even really feel their anger. That's what the people who control this world through fear and intimidation don't want: people who are exactly as angry as they ought to be. The people can't be as angry as they ought to be, partially because they keep cooming every day. Why do you think porn is free?

    So that's how it's done. To recap:

    1) Don't Ejaculate
    2) Accept your emotions and become them
    3) Let your emotions influence the power of your behavior, especially anger

    This is about as secular and non-mystical as I can make it. I really hope somebody reads this and gets something out of it. I hope you are able to see the magic that I've recently started to experience. It is unlike anything else. It's like being completely born again. Completely free and unafraid.

    There's a lot of pain along the way. There was for me. Maybe I'll put up a post about my whole childhood and life. I wrote one up, but thought it would be a bit exhibitionistic for me to post it.

    Learning to not ejaculate takes a while. Learning to overcome denial of emotions takes a while.

    But remember what Ingres said: "It takes 25 years to learn to draw, one hour to learn to paint."

    Overcoming your urges for ejaculation and denial takes a long, long time, but it is 99% of the battle. When you win there, the rest of the battle takes only two weeks, and you can start transmuting.

    Wish you good luck
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    This is great post man, truly inspiring. You must be doing something right.

    The same as you I believe that acceptance is the key whereas defiance and denial is like a voucher for cancer.

    I wouldn't necessarily agree with everything you're saying but I also know that everybody has a bit different journey and I very much respect it.

    Speaking of different journeys, your story is unique and it matters. So don't be shy to share it. People who are supposed to understand it and relate to that, will. And the other ones who might consider you exhibicionistic, well screw them.

    Thank you for sharing this. You're doing great. :) The two books you recommended are in my list Books to read now :)
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    Thanks, glad you liked it Conqueror.

    Thanks, I'm thinking about posting it. That semen retention book I read changed my perspective completely when I was quitting porn last year.

    As for my life story, I'm also worried about my real identity being traced back to me on here. If I post it I'll have to edit it down so that it cannot be traced back to me personally. Glad you liked the post
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  5. Last time I read The Mind Illuminated was in 2019. A lot of time has passed so who knows what insights I'll come to this time around!
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    Great post. Do you have any thoughts on allowing yourself to experience emotions, yet at the same time not identifying with them?
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    Glad you liked it. When I started meditating a lot, I learned that there was a part of me that just watched things and observed them. Then I realized that when I become emotional - afraid, angry, whatever - my awareness became "colored" by the emotion, and the emotion would often take over. Then I realized that by having awareness of the breath at the same time as experiencing the emotion, I could have the emotion without identifying with it. It was like watching an old man speak to a baby inside my mind. The old man just accepts the emotion, and the baby just has it, but the old man doesn't have it. I guess it's the realization that whatever is having the emotion doesn't have to dominate awareness.
    It's easier for me to do this with emotions like lust and anger, because I can see them coming from miles away. But for something like fear, it's harder I've learned, because it's so subtle and pervasive. There's also a fear of fear, which often prevents me from understanding what exactly I'm afraid of in the first place. So fear cloaks itself with itself, whereas lust and anger don't cloak themselves at all. I would say fear and doubt are, at least for me, more pernicious than anger or lust.

    TL;DR: By focusing on the breath a lot during meditation, I was able to develop something that watches emotions as they happen without trying to stop them, that has both the breath and the emotion in awareness at the same time.
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    Dude, this is amazing. Thank you for the ideas. I'm gonna get that book you recommended. I've had a revolution in myself over the past few days and have gone through an emotional roller coaster. Now I am starting to slide back into depression because I feel overwhelmed. Like I am aware that something is wrong but powerless to change anything. Perhaps it is power of denial like you said.
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  9. Yooo, I've gotten to reading stage two, and it just blows me away (while also confirming what i've already known)- instead of trying to focus on the breath out of discipline, we should understand how our mind is a bunch of competing separate processes that occasionally work together if motivated enough. Looking at it that way, there's less pressure to do well. It's like in Psycho-Cybernetics: what you focus on is what you get- focus on the good, and the good gets better.
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    Thanks for your reply. It sounds like you’re on the right track. I too struggle with fear and doubt. I sometimes think that the self-doubt is at the root of the fears.
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    I'm happy you liked it. The fact that you even have awareness of what you feel means you're in a better spot than you may even realize. Depression is one of the worst feelings in the world where you feel like there's no way out, ruminating and doubting. I know it's possible to exit, even if you're like me and have abused your brain with all sorts of stuff. It's still forgiving and will recover. Good luck dude.

    I wish I could have learned that earlier in life, but oh well. Better late than never. I liked Psycho-Cybernetics a lot too. That book helped me out earlier this year. Glad you liked the other recommendations

    Funny that you mention that, I've been experimenting with a method to overcome fear and doubt, and I wrote about it just today in this forum section. It may be a bit premature, but I think it helps a lot.
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    This is great, really provides some insight on how to improve and get rid of your porn addiction.
    Although, I do have a problem with accepting horny emotions, because it often leads me to a relapse, or I think so.
    Any advice on how to accept it properly without that happening?
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    I learned to do it with drinking urges, which made all other urges easier to handle. When you have the craving, you tell yourself you can give in to the urge but only after sitting through and watching 5 of them come and go while meditating. Then if you want to give in, you let yourself give in without any shame bc you did your work. After a month of this, i was able to beat alcohol. The key was not feeling guilty or shamed by failure, and always sitting through the five urges completely, which trained my mind to understand them closely. If you know youre going to give in eventually anyways, then you can better focus on the urge as it happens, which means you can understand it better. Its understanding it that leads to keeping your head during it.
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    I just wanted to say that the topic here is extremely important for men; i.e. working with our emotions. Thank you @MasturTainer for starting it. Very intrigued and fascinated. I look forward to reading through it again, as well as the responses. I have the same question as other people: i.e., becoming the emotions. Nevertheless, looking forward to see how this thread progresses.
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