I am 24 and i never had a girlfriend

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Mistercroquant, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Mistercroquant

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    Hello all,
    As the title says, i am 24 and i never had a girlfriend in my life... i am an introvert and besides i am born in morrocco, which is a sexual repressive country...
    Ans i dont have many friends either.
    I feel that my youth has been wasted. Everyday, i fight the urge to cry for that...
    Do you guys also had this problem ? If so, what do you advise me to do ?
  2. JakeO5

    JakeO5 Fapstronaut

    Well man, I had a few girlfriends, but none of them lasted more than a week, my last one dumped me on March 29 2016, the day before my birthday, and I've been single since, Im also a shy guy like you, but i have managed to become a more involved person over the last few months, which day are you on
  3. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    Why are you waiting for someone else to validate and give credibility to your own life?
  4. JeanFinte

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    I don't matter that you are ugly or shy, what you have to do to get a girlfriend is to target girls that are on the same value as you. For exemple if you are poor, ugly, with no conversation, no culture, no strenght etc you must target girls that are pretty ugly too. If you want then to date better girls you nedd to improve yourself.
    My advice is to go for girls that you have a chance to date them, if you are exigent you will never date anyone.
  5. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    What even...
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  6. Nacho Sanchez

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    I'm on the same boat my friend, 23 year old never had a gf and only have one friend this sucks.
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  7. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    Can you answer the question below please?
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  8. Atlanticus

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    Morocco may be in a bit of an identity crisis, but it's fun and beautiful... Great place to be from and quite sexy.
    To get out of your depressive, self-depreciating attitude may I suggest:
    (a) rebooting, (b) working out, (c) doing things you like, and (d) being genuinely honest, helpful, and friendly to others (while avoiding folks that try to take advantage of you)? It'll work wonders, you see!
    Good luck!
  9. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    I turned 30 last spring and have never had a serious girlfriend either. Nevertheless, I definitely had a few solid chances in my early 20's but didn't have the confidence or priority to pursue one at the time (as I was busy with schoolwork and practicing my collegiate sport).
    My best advice if you want one in the future is first of all getting these negative "I have never had a girlfriend"-demons out of your head. You can definitely do so by working on yourself through:

    Working out, eating healthy, abstaining from PMO, pursue your hobbies/interest, meeting interesting people, meditating, taking cold baths/showers, and much more. As you do these on a regular basis, you will feel more confident, fulfilled, sociable and slowly, your neediness of a girlfriend will slowly die away. Eventually, you will automatically attract some great women as you are radiating these good energies that come from valuing yourself and from not feeling needy of anyone's approval.
    I went to Morocco almost 20 years ago and remember that trip with lots of joy, despite the very smelly sardine-factory in Agadír (a smell that could be felt kilometers away).
  10. So, does that mean I have to date girls with really small wieners?
  11. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Fapstronaut

    24 years old was when I got my first girlfriend. I just got out of the Marines and she was just out of high school.
  12. elevate

    elevate Fapstronaut

    You stated the problem and you listed a few excuses, but you didn't say anything about what you're actually doing to get a girlfriend.
  13. Dibalasi

    Dibalasi Fapstronaut

    In the same boat here. Im 23 and I've never had a girlfriend although I'm musician and I guess I can sing as well. But I still don't seem to attract anyone. Im shy af and I guess What I'm trying to say here is, I feel you buddy.
    PMO really did number on me I guess. Damn
  14. I'm on the same boat, 24 year old never had a gf and have few friend but hang in there and keep improving youre self and try to overcome youre problems. Just keep going)
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  15. Dibalasi

    Dibalasi Fapstronaut

    Thanks man. We're in this together.
  16. Cousin Dupree

    Cousin Dupree Fapstronaut

    Great advice! Concentrate on self-improvement. (I think regular exercise is one of the easiest and surest ways to gain some confidence.) And remember, PMO won't do any good to improve yourself. You are still young. It's never too late as long as you are alive.
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  17. I'm not aware how conservative Morocco is but being single is usually a choice
  18. hold152

    hold152 Fapstronaut

    Hey man don't worry about this too much. I am also 24 going to be 25 very soon and I have not had a serious girlfriend either. You know being single is not so bad actually. Think of it this way, sooner or later a woman is bound to show up (they start wanting to settle down with someone in their late 20s and early 30s). In the meantime, work on improving yourself so that you can be the best person for her when you eventually do meet her. I know that is what I do and spending time working on myself is working wonders for me right now.
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  19. Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be admitting this, but I'm 59 and single, always have been due to other 70s-80s interest, then finding religion, then when I was thinking about a girlfriend might be nice, moved from singlesville (Houston TX) to out in the sticks where I ended up in working night and day for to many years. Which also got me into porn surfing trouble.

    For now my advice, be comfortable with who you are, and fine tune why you're here on the forum, to be the kind of man you would want her to have.
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  20. Jordan011

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    Hello mate,

    I was the same as you and never really had any success with women and didn’t have a gf until I was 24.

    The only thing that fixed it for me? Learning pickup. All I did was read one book and I then got a gf.


    Here’s books I’d recommend you read.

    The Mystery Method by Erik Von Markovik.
    The Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss.
    Magic Bullets by Lovesystems.

    They’re all on Amazon.

    It changed my life completely.

    Loneliness is a disease and pickup is the cure.
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