I cant stop no matter what, i need help

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  1. I cant stop. Im 14 and its almost been a year. No matter what i do, i cant stop fapping. I can quit porn but once i think about 1 thing i cant control myself. No matter what i think about before i do it, it dosent make a difference.
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    I'm 16 now and I am feeling a little bit ashamed. I'm not in as bad a situation as you've described but I know what it feels like to be where you are, I don't know who you are but 14 years old and you are already intelligent enough to realise the harm such actions are doing to you, so that is great thing to understand.

    The last comment is correct, small goals will help. Don't aim too big until you've started off with little goals.
    Everyone's on here to talk with each other about this, if you need help people will always be there to respond.
  3. I can only go a maximum of a week. Porn isnt the problem, but my ability to stop myself before i do it. I appreciate the help and i hope you all do well. i realize i never feel good doing it or after it but it just dosent matter until its to late.
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    You gotta start small. Try going a day or two then let yourself relapse and eventually build up to bigger streaks. You could try just quitting PMO but still doing MO.
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    Get busy! Go to gym, track and field, dances, RPG binges, gather friends, socialize, hobbies, play in a band. To much alone time is a bad thing. At 14 you are supposed to go from active to crashing in bed at night. Def not lots of computers.

    Stay away from porn, and you have won much!
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  6. You are 14 it's going to be tough. Just stay away from porn at all costs. Def work out and play sports. Porn is honestly top 5 worst decisions of my life.
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  7. Thats what ive done, but the mo dosent last more than a week
  8. My goal is to never do porn again, and i can accomplish that, but the mo just doesn't stop, and i don't know if there is something wrong with me but masturbating is never satisfying, once i'm done everything is terrible for a day. Its the closest thing i know to a hangover. Thanks for all the help guys, i appreciate it. Ill do my best.

    If i'll ever learn something, its that i probably have an addiction problem and shouldn't touch addictive drugs.
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    You're 14, full of hormones. Like your hormones are literally screaming for sex: it's not an addiction bro. If you PMO once or twice so now and then it's absolutely no problem and you definitely should not feel guilty about it. You better enjoy it instead of feeling guilty and feeling like you failed. That'll make things worse. Just be cautious in this state of your life to not get addicted to PMO and know that what you see in porn is not how it is in real life. But remember: You don't have an addiction, you have hormones. The same hormones that make you feel angry for no reason. Watch the Netflix series: "Big Mouth", it explains so much what's happening right now in your body. You're not addicted and you feel terrible after it because you have feelings of shame and failure. Just make sure you're doing it as little as possible and when you're doing it: Enjoy it, don't feel ashamed. Quitting PMO for life is something for when you're older, like 16. When the hormones are settling down.
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