I feel very lonely and that makes me relapse everytime

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by aravindu, May 5, 2019.

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    I have tried for the past one month trying to extend my streak. But I didn't manage to do it beyond 2 days and I feel loneliness has played a big part in it. I stay alone and don't have any friend where I live, so during holidays I'll stay in my home and that makes it easy for me to relapse. So if anyone can help me in this journey I would be really glad and also I can help you in whatever way possible to recover. I don't know if I can sustain my current streak which has started just now without an external support.
    Thanks for reading this.
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    I have had similar issues when I've been on holiday and just dossing around the house. You need to try and fill your days, even it's simply by going out and walking. And if you can occupy your day, you can occupy your mind to prevent you thinking about porn. Stay away from the internet as much as possible too.
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    I'm here for you man, I just started an account yesterday and have been attempting PMO for years on and off without outer/external support since realizing this movement existed and can actually change my life. I'm now on day 3 of no PMO and still feeling confident I'll make it for another. If I can help anyone it will help me too! message me if you want, I'll work with you and we can make this goal a reality ASAP!
    -with love
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    @aravindu it's not difficult at all , somebody said that you will get interest and might get same kind of high by doing other positive things also . Like you can watch games if you don't want to go out . Start out some television series and think about that only Instead of porn . The main mistake we do is that when we do other things still in the mindset we have set that only porn can give that Orgasm which we need so we need to actually change our thoughts and think these other positive things are enough for me to get high.
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    thanks for this encouraging words mate...I have started scheduling my day from now...
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    My current state is just about the same as yours. I have friends in my small town, and someone I can talk to and trust and believes in confidentiality. But to get to my porn addiction, I recently made it to 4 days and snapped the streak and went straight back to a porn site. First I was channel surfing at around 2 am to see if that would cause any triggers. There was a very attractive girl in an old sitcom, but it did not make me aroused or anything. So then I went directly to porn site and found videos to watch for free. I did it twice that day. I set my goal by starting the next day. Went thru the day alright, but still no self control. I just might make it 1 day and then return to porn. The loneliness just won't go away. I say if you can't find a close person to make friends with at church, there is something seriously wrong with that. That's how much of a true introvert I am. Perfect example of that: waited 2 hours in line to ride a roller coaster with one of my sisters. I never said more than 3 or 4 words in all that time. Man am I really disturbed by that, but it shouldn't be that way. Had one sexual experience with someone who really was a whore. She only had sex just to get satisfied and when she was done she was done. Never mind if I didn't finish or did finish. I just wanted to get in her pants so I could experience the pleasure. So technically, I never had a real girlfriend. Never went out with anyone or was friends with another woman. 21 years and counting...since '98. That's what makes it so difficult. I do so many things throughout the day, but that doesn't give me more confidence approaching women. Meditation is not for me. Maybe listening to music all day is the same, idk.I walk about 3 or 4 times a week. No progress afterwards. I'm getting to the point of giving up, which is sad for me.
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