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    Hello Guys,

    Im 17 years old and I’m addicted in masturbating.Now i stopped already 2 days to masturbate.So my problem was not the porn,because I also masturbated with Fantasie, my problem is that I have maybe masturbated more then 20times a day .I can’t give a girl a hug or something because I’m to shy.Also I had never a girlfriend,but now the time has come I want stop with masturbate
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  2. Welcome to the community :) glad you could join us. Anything we can assist you with let us know. Wish you all the best on your journey. Take care
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    Hello fellow fapstronaut!If you wish to change you first need to understand WHY you do it.Is it because your lonely and the hours you get tempted you have nothing else to do?Is it because you have low self esteem?You say your shy and porn/masturbation can play a role on that.These habits when done a lot without control they cause to feel embarrassed, lonely,not worthy of love,depressed and lead us to procrastination.If you want to be free from it watch yourself what hours ur tempted and stay with family or friends at those times.Keep busy, go outside, read or learn a new language and exercise.Take care of your room and of yourself.Take good care of ur hygiene and education so that you can be more presentable and meet boys ans girls and form relationships.Develop new habits, libe your life more consciously live INSIDE your body.God bless and if u need help or have questions tell us.Remember to keep active in the forums to get encouragement from us when u feel like giving up.
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