I think my PMO addiction is entangled in a smartphone addiction

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    If I'm not wasting time on PMO, I'm wasting time on social media, news, chatting, surfing, etc. Being free from PMO is not necessarily being free from smartphone/internet addiction. It's killing my productivity at work. I can easily see how a recent study showed participants became more productive the further their phone was physically away from them. The scary thing is, the participants who were least productive and had their phones next to them said their phone did not affect their productivity, when it obviously did. So they didn't even know they were being less productive. They were being deceived.

    I decided to keep my smartphone in my car while I'm at work and at home. Going to buy an alarm clock this weekend to keep by my bed. Will report back any insights.

    We used to call cell phones "mobile phones", things we use when on the move, but my smartphone is increasingly making me immobile. My car is the only place I really need to be mobile with my "mobile device".

    Anyone have any good smartphone practices?
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    Very very true. They are so easy to pick up and “just check something real quick”. And before you know it your checking more and more. Unfortunately I don’t have a home phone just a smartphone, so I can’t really leave it in the car. I always use a app on it with rain sounds to help me sleep, and a alarm to help me wake. So it is practical. But unfortunately as soon as I wake, it’s the first thing I grab and start checking some things.

    I do agree I am on it too much. A good practice would be if you need it inside your home, turn the ringer volume up, and put it on top of the counter or somewhere not next to you in the kitchen or something. That way your not tempted to just pick it up constantly and check it.
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    Thanks for this! I agree, add to internet addiction any other activity that releases dopamine... but doing it obsessively as an escape.

    I actually did cognitive behavioural therapy due to my PMO and realized that thoughts become emotions which become actions. If you want to stop the addictive behaviour, face the thoughts! It might seem smart to avoid the situations that trigger your obsessive thoughts by browsing social media, but the more you avoid them, the scarier they feel. Instead, expose yourself to your triggers, then try to resist or delay the urge to complete your relief-seeking compulsive ritual. It's like a muscle that needs training a couple of times a day.
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    Is there something like nofap for phone addiction?
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    Interesting realization.

    I found out I’m not really addicted to PMO. I just want to escape from life and any way I can do that will work. PMO works the best so it’s my drug of choice. But in between the PMO , YouTube, sleep, social media, procrastination, fatty/sugary food, and isolation are all great wats for me to escape.

    I have a lot of life learning g to do and it’s painful to face it, so I run away from it.

    I do think that many in the world don’t use addictive behavior to escape. That’s where we’re different.

    But it’s very clear that the addictive behaviors are a solution to my problem, not the problem. They do cause me pain cuz they’re unhealthy, but just stopping PMO won’t solve my problems. Dealing with the underlying deficiencies will.
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    Don´t underestimate the power of sexuality. It´s a big thing getting this on the right track
  7. You could also buy an old school java based phone with no social media apps. Do whatever it takes to beat the addiction.

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