I'm scared to open my book to study...

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Madhav123, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Madhav123

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    Hi guys.,
    I'm an indian,
    18 Y/O fapstronaut,
    3rd year Law student,
    Porn Addict since past 7years.

    1) Everytime when I intend to study my books I feel scared and demotivated and sleepy,tensed,fatigue,my head nerves are tightening within 2minutes after opening the book.

    2) I cannot focus on my studies.
    As a result,I feel so depressed and start to watch porn.
    Consequently affecting my grades and self-esteem.

    3) I'm losing interest in my subjects which I chose them on my own at the beginning of my course.

    4)I'm daydreaming about my future sex-life in my thoughts and I losing connection with reality.
    5)I'm getting demotivated.

    This is my life.please help!!!
  2. Silver382

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    Stay strong voice you concerns here you will get good support
  3. Koloopqe

    Koloopqe Fapstronaut

    I can relate to every single point! Every single point!
    Especially the daydreaming, it's crippling!
    And there's no choice. I have to study privately in silence. But this is a perfect time to get distracted and is a time when I'm most vulnerable.
  4. The mind is indeed the battleground. For me, I've found I need to "do something healthy" to clear my head--and mindfulness is really helpful. The Insight Timer app is free--good stuff there. Exercise--a walk--does wonders. No every time....but some of the time. Porn is a lousy escape hatch for stress. In the end, it simply piles more stress on. The diversion becomes a monster.
  5. SSJ N

    SSJ N Fapstronaut

    You wanna make a career in law and are refusing to battle your own demons? Bhai, get a grip on your thoughts and realize that only hardwork alone will help you reach your goals, not fantasizing. I bet your basics are not clear and you have weaknesses in your chosen subjects which are creating the fear and other issues.
  6. internetpioneer

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    I don't know you but i think i understand you.
    You are intelligent, responsible, want to do the right thing. But you are scared you will never live to what other people expect from you (parents, friends, girlfriend,...). You keep procrastinating because the high expectations about you. M is the perfect escape: it makes you feel good. But don't be fooled on the long run you won't because it's a false feeling. It cannot be sustainable, sooner or later you'll have to deal with your demons.
    First you need to understand this. Then work on yourself: what do you want, what others want from you, separate both, be honest with yourself, and if study law is what you want, go for it with all your heart.
    Good luck,
  7. Madhav123

    Madhav123 Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much friends...I need your support and encouragement...love you everyone...
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  8. Ogikubo

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    I know the feeling. You get used to fapping as a way of dealing with the stress of studying. I think I wasted most of my university career in the same way. Study in groups or in public, if possible. 2 or 3 hours of good study that way is worth it. You will be more focused and learn more. Study groups are also a great way to meet nice people and find things to do.
  9. loneranger808

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    take study breaks watch a funny youtube video take notes while reading the books , do pushups , dumbell exercises, keepa healthy snack , stressball, etc .
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