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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Captain B, Jul 12, 2015.

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    Edit: There are two links to videos with former pornstars in this post. While the videos themselves don't really contain any triggers (you can see the girl talking obviously but she's dressed normally), the suggested videos in the youtube sidebar might contain triggers.

    Hi everyone!

    So my girlfriend broke up with me recently and I've been pretty down and frustrated for a while now. Along with this, urges to PMO have been coming back. I'm actually kinda ashamed to say it's not just MO but also P that I've been thinking about. Pretty stupid.

    Anyways, I found a few interviews on youtube with former pornstars and that got me right back on track. I stopped PMO back then because I didn't like what it did to me - but I never considered what it does to the performers! It all looks as if they all like what they're doing but now it looks like this is not the case for most of them.

    I always just watched more "high value" productions cause I thought there at least you can be sure the girls are into what they do. But now I came across an interview with an ex-pornstar which actually used to be one of my favorites and I feel fucking guilty for watching her videos now. The way she describes it, sounds as if she was basically being paid (shitty) to get raped on a daily basis. There's so much violence in P nowadays, she said you can't do it without painkillers. She had to do so many things she wasn't ok with, she's STILL paying medical bills because she constantly got infections and had to go to the emergency room MULTIPLE times during her short career in P. Appearantly that's not uncommon. The producers don't give a shit about the performers.

    And it's not just the female performers. The porn industry even damages highly decorated male performers appearantly.

    I'm still dumbfounded by all of this and how I never even thought about this. It's like this is the meaning of objectification. I didn't even see the performers as human beings anymore.

    So what I'm trying to say is: If you feel the urge to watch porn coming up, go watch an interview with a former pornstar first. Reconnect with the fact that they are human beings with feelings. Don't support an industry that treats people like that.
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    Thanks Captain B,
    I will bookmark this. When the urge comes watching the interview will hopefully help.
    I wonder if I know that girl, I was into some top perfomers too (or still am - shit!). And - like you - I always thought, at least these girls would have fun in what they're doing. Or at least have no problems with it and earn big money.

    WOW, you made it! I just can't believe your achievements :D 90-day-reboot: this alone sounds so long to me.

    I feel sorry though that your gf left you.
    Be strong!
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    It is very important to watch those interviews. Sometimes nofap is not enough, you need to change your mind about a lot of things. The porn industry is one of them
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    Just be careful of triggers in the related videos. I want to watch the interview but got freaked out by the suggested video thumbs!
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    You and me both brother!
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    Yes, triggering... I personally can't avoid to be triggered. For me its about how can I cope with these triggers.

    As to the interview: the ex-porn-performer is a pretty young woman but she behaves normal - not seductive. The stories she gives are just ...sick. I mean its only about the real dark side of the porn-buisness and of sex: abuse, addiction, infections ... Even the reporter tells his story of being abused as a child and at the same time introduced to porn which resulted in porn-addiction

    However for me a bad conscience didn't prevent me from PMO the last 10 years.
    It was good to see that girl in "a human form". I haven't seeh her before (or so I think) and I wasn't tempted.
    But what if that gorgeous performer xy ? Just see that face would be a goddamn fuckin trigger!

    I admit, some triggers can and should be avoided.

    I guess we all have to be very careful with such porn-related stuff.
    Instead of clicking a link and watching a video we could buy a book or go in the library. Not that I'm planning that in the near future :D just an idea :rolleyes:
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    Oh shit, sorry! I was going to mention possible triggers but totally forgot about it! Editing my first post now
  8. Yes these kinds of videos that shine some truth on what we are really looking at are really key to bringing more awareness to what we were/are looking at.

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